the Fall

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fall, the,

i.e., the fall of man, in Christian thought: see original sinoriginal sin,
in Christian theology, the sin of Adam, by which all humankind fell from divine grace. Saint Augustine was the fundamental theologian in the formulation of this doctrine, which states that the essentially graceless nature of humanity requires redemption to save it.
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; gracegrace,
in Christian theology, the free favor of God toward humans, which is necessary for their salvation. A distinction is made between natural grace (e.g., the gift of life) and supernatural grace, by which God makes a person (born sinful because of original sin) capable of
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Fall, The

tale of the monotonous life and indifference of modern man. [Fr. Lit.: The Fall]
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No patient had a drop in postural blood pressure immediately after the fall. Seven patients had upward titration of psychotropic drugs within 5 days of the fall.
For the evaluation of fall efficacy in patients with SLE, we used the Falls Efficacy Scale International (FES-I), which is a self-reported questionnaire.
In several of these cases, a visual or verbal check between the driller and the derrickman before drilling operations began might have prevented the fall. This check would ensure that the derrickman remembers to connect his fall protection harness to both his self-retracting lifeline and a restraint system on the derrick board.
Data collected for pre-intervention included the number of falls reported by an occurrence to the risk manager and the fall rate per 1,000 patient days for a six-month period in 2015.
Conclusion: The frequency of falls varied from hospital to hospital and factors like higher number of bed capacity and occupancy rate increased the falls.
In this subset of injuries due to falls, there were 280.0 days-away-from-work injuries for every fatal injury when the fall was from less than 6 feet.
Sensitivity (percentage of true alarms) was calculated from the fall data, and specificity (percentage of false alarms) was calculated from the ADL data.
If the selected activity with the maximum probability is among the three types of fall, the fall is alarmed; otherwise, it is determined to be an ADL.
Showing such success the Fellowship nurses are eager to continue research and improve the fall prevention program at Scottsdale Healthcare.
Even if the patient does not experience a physical injury from the fall, it can lead to a fear of falling.
To address this problem and minimize risk, the fall management committee asked CN R's environmental services department for assistance in increasing visibility in the bathroom.