Glasgow Haskell Compiler

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Glasgow Haskell Compiler

(GHC) A Haskell 1.2 compiler written in Haskell by the AQUA project at Glasgow University, headed by Simon Peyton Jones <> throughout the 1990's GHC can generate either C or native code for SPARC, DEC Alpha and other platforms. It can take advantage of features of gcc such as global register variables and has an extensive set of optimisations.

GHC features an extensible I/O system based on a "monad", in-line C code, fully fledged unboxed data types, incrementally-updatable arrays, mutable reference types, generational garbage collector, concurrent threads. Time and space profiling is also supported.

It requires GNU gcc 2.1+ and Perl.

GHC runs on Sun-4, DEC Alpha, Sun-3, NeXT, DECstation, HP-PA and SGI.

Latest version: 4.01, as of 1998-11-30.

Glasgow FTP. Yale. Sweden.


["Imperative functional programming", Peyton Jones & Wadler, POPL '93].

["Unboxed data types as first-class citizens", Peyton Jones & Launchbury, FPCA '91].

["Profiling lazy functional languages", Sansom & Peyton Jones, Glasgow workshop '92].

["Implementing lazy functional languages on stock hardware", Peyton Jones, Journal of Functional Programming, Apr 1992].

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The Glasgow Haskell Compiler is freely available from a number of FTP sites.