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Great Salt Lake,

shallow body of saltwater, NW Utah, between the Wasatch Range on the east and the Great Salt Lake Desert on the west; largest salt lake in North America. Fed by the Weber, Jordan, and Bear rivers, the lake varies greatly in size and depth according to weather changes. Its average depth ranges from 13 to 24 ft (4 to 7.3 m). From 1,000 sq mi (2,590 sq km) in the period between 1955 and 1975, the lake expanded to its modern maximum of almost 2,500 sq mi (6,477 sq km) by the mid-1980s. Storage of spring run-off in reservoirs to meet domestic and industrial demands for water have contributed to seasonal lake shrinkage. The salt content, nearly 10% at its greatest, increases as the water level decreases. Magnesium chloride, potash, and common salt are commercially extracted from the lake. The heavy brine supports no life except brine shrimp and colonial algae. The Great Salt Lake is a remnant of prehistoric Lake Bonneville, which covered an extensive area of the Great Basin and was once c.1,000 ft (305 m) deep. Its various levels are marked by former beachlines on the mountains and by rich soil deposits on the terraces to the east, where irrigated farming is practiced. Antelope and Fremont islands are the largest islands in the lake; the smaller islands are rookeries for sea gulls and other birds. Promontory Point, a mountainous peninsula 20 mi (32 km) long, extends into the lake from the north; a railroad cutoff on a causeway passes through the neck as it crosses the lake and the Great Salt Lake Desert from Ogden to Lucin, Utah. The Bonneville Salt Flats, in the western part of the desert, is a world-famous automobile racing ground. In 1845 the U.S. explorer John FrémontFrémont, John Charles,
1813–90, American explorer, soldier, and political leader, b. Savannah, Ga. He taught mathematics to U.S. naval cadets, then became an assistant on a surveying expedition (1838–39) between the upper Mississippi River and the Missouri.
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 became the first person to cross the salt desert.


See D. L. Morgan, The Great Salt Lake (1986); H. Stansbury, Exploration of the Valley of the Great Salt Lake (1988).

Great Salt Lake

a shallow salt lake in NW Utah, in the Great Basin at an altitude of 1260 m (4200 ft.): the area has fluctuated from less than 2500 sq. km (1000 sq. miles) to over 5000 sq. km (2000 sq. miles)
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The Great Salt Lake actually contains the nation's highest levels of methylmercury.
The Great Salt Lake is enormously important to the people of Utah and migratory birds worldwide and already faces significant stressors, said Carly Ferro of the Sierra Clubs Utah Chapter.
Distribution and drivers of a widespread, invasive wetland grass, Phragmites australis, in wetlands of the Great Salt Lake, Utah, USA.
The high salt concentration in the Great Salt Lake makes the water more dense, which makes it easier for most people to float.
The Terminal Mirage series was shot along the edges of the Great Salt Lake and, like Smithson whose best known work, Spiral Jetty (1970), is also located there, Maisel responds to landscapes that bear the effects of vast geologic time and more recent human incursions.
This is followed by an examination of the lake effect, although only for the Great Salt Lake. Here, the 5% value mentioned earlier is justified, as the salt content limits evaporation and one needs a combination of existing cold air, incoming moisture, and triggers for band formation for snowfall to qualify as a lake effect.
In 1904, the transcontinental route relocated to Lucin Cutoff, a more direct route across northern Utah via a trestle through the Great Salt Lake. The rails were salvaged during World War II, following an un-spiking ceremony.
Cestodes of mammals from the Great Salt Lake Desert region of Utah.
This project involved the construction of a new box culvert to convey the newly separated stormwater into the Great Salt Lake, which is not far from the freeway crossing.
What Young told Brannan there came as a shock and huge disappointment: The church leader's pioneer company now was heading toward the Great Salt Lake Valley, not northern California.
Salt Lake City, Dec 1 (ANI): An American man who was duck hunting on the Great Salt Lake near Brigham City was shot by his dog in the buttocks.
It is considered the third largest salt water lake on earth, slightly bigger at its normal size than the Great Salt Lake in Utah.