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a. Law someone legally appointed to manage the affairs of a person incapable of acting for himself, as a minor or person of unsound mind
b. Social welfare (in England) a local authority, or person accepted by it, named under the Mental Health Act 1983 as having the powers to require a mentally disordered person to live at a specified place, attend for treatment, and be accessible to a doctor or social worker
2. (in England) another word for custos
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an English daily bourgeois newspaper. The Guardian was founded in 1821 in Manchester. (Until 1959 it was called the Manchester Guardian.) Since 1961 it has been published in London and Manchester. The Guardian reflects views similar to those held by the leaders of the Liberal Party. In 1970 its circulation was 290,000 copies.

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(1) An operating system for Tandem's NonStop computer systems. See Tandem.

(2) An earlier firewall for securing a private network from the Internet from NetGuard, Inc., Fairfax, VA. Guardian ran on Windows NT.
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