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Times, the


a British daily newspaper. The Times, founded in 1785, is published in London by Times Newspapers, Ltd. It has close ties with the monopolistic circles of the country. The newspaper sides with the leadership of the Conservative Party on many issues. Circulation, more than 400,000 (1975).

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I am alluding to your own letter, published above your name in the London Times of this morning."
"Surely, sir," said the American in mild remonstrance, "you must admit that the London Times is a daily paper." He drew out a copy from his inside pocket.
Ouchy is memorable to me, not on account of its beautiful situation and lovely surroundings--although these would make it stick long in one's memory--but as the place where I caught the London TIMES dropping into humor.
He was an "impostor," a "ventriloquist," a "crank who says he can talk through a wire." The London Times alluded pompously to the telephone as the latest American humbug, and gave many profound reasons why speech could not be sent over a wire, because of the intermittent nature of the electric current.
SOFTBANK MULLS PAYMENTS SYSTEM: SoftBank is considering a plan to lead a bank-backed consortium to develop a digital payments system to compete with PayPal, Apple Pay (AAPL) and Alibaba's (BABA) Alipay, The London Times reported over the weekend.
LAHORE: In 1923, a small article with the headline "Another Frontier Outrage: One Lady Killed and One Kidnapped" appeared in the London Times. According to it, Mollie Ellis, the daughter of Major Ellis, was kidnapped and her mother killed in a bungalow adjoining that of the Commanding General of the Station of Kohat, NWFP.
Rinzler, author of the NY Times best-selling The Making of Star Wars and the London Times best-selling The Complete Making of Indiana Jones, is publishing ALL UP - the Faustian engineer Wernher von Braun, occultist/explosive expert Jack Parsons, and Soviet principal designer Sergei Pavlovich Korolev.
However, The London Times had reportedly refused to run the advert saying that the "opinion being expressed is too strong and too forcefully made and will cause concern amongst a significant number of Times readers," according to a statement from a representative of the newspaper, the New York Observer ( reported .
The Times journalists' case shows covering Syria is not getting safer The beating and shooting of Anthony Loyd and Jack Hill, two highly experienced war reporters with the London Times, should make reporters reconsider the increased 'safety' of Syria.
This first appeared in the London Times, was sent to Arutz Sheva by the Rabbi's office.
Googling a runner London Times 4.20 Worcester Known to us as The Times newspaper in Britain, the London Times or the Times of London is what it is sometimes referred to in North America, distinguishing itself from worldwide publications of a similar name such as the New York Times, Los Angeles Times and the Times of India.
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