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Times, the


a British daily newspaper. The Times, founded in 1785, is published in London by Times Newspapers, Ltd. It has close ties with the monopolistic circles of the country. The newspaper sides with the leadership of the Conservative Party on many issues. Circulation, more than 400,000 (1975).

References in classic literature ?
I am alluding to your own letter, published above your name in the London Times of this morning.
Surely, sir," said the American in mild remonstrance, "you must admit that the London Times is a daily paper.
Ouchy is memorable to me, not on account of its beautiful situation and lovely surroundings--although these would make it stick long in one's memory--but as the place where I caught the London TIMES dropping into humor.
The London Times alluded pompously to the telephone as the latest American humbug, and gave many profound reasons why speech could not be sent over a wire, because of the intermittent nature of the electric current.
20 Worcester Known to us as The Times newspaper in Britain, the London Times or the Times of London is what it is sometimes referred to in North America, distinguishing itself from worldwide publications of a similar name such as the New York Times, Los Angeles Times and the Times of India.
CDATA[ The London Times reports seeing satellite pictures of an arms depot and Hizbullah terrorist compound north of Damascus.
Commenting on the data in the London Times (May 28, 2006), Katy Grant observes that the increase occurs despite the millions of pounds sterling spent on sex education and despite contraception being freely available.
In an October 4 letter to the London Times, signers such as the Dalai Lama, retired Anglican archbishop Desmond Tutu, and Catholic ethicist Father Robert Drinan of Georgetown University lamented the "global horror story" that results in 1,000 deaths a day from the world's nearly 640 million firearms.
Janine Di Giovanni, the senior foreign correspondent for the London Times, takes the reader through this tragic land during the height of the struggles.
Strange Angel is lively reading by a biographer with many science, art and culture articles for the London Times and others to his credit.
As quoted by the London Times, the EEU says they are "weapons that could be used to hijack an aircraft.
The basic idea is that an entire, small country plays host to a conference with all the various possibilities at its disposal," Roland Buechel, director of the state tourism agency, told the London Times.