The Lord Ruthven Assembly

The Lord Ruthven Assembly

(pop culture)

The Lord Ruthven Assembly (LRA) was founded in 1988 as a scholarly organization dedicated to the serious pursuit of scholarship on and research of the vampire/revenant figure in a variety of disciplines. Most of its members are active participants in the International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts (IAFA), which has recognized the Assembly as a special interest group within its association. Its annual meeting is held during the annual conference of the IAFA, when several sessions of academic papers are offered.

The LRA originated out of the desire of the “vampire people” who attended the IAFA’s annual conference to get together to discuss common interests. Spearheading the formation of the Assembly was Lloyd Worley of the University of Northern Colorado who became the founding president. Other original officers include Veronica Hollinger, Allienne R. Becker, and Lillian Heldreth. The decision was made to name the Assembly after author John Polidori‘s Lord Ruthven, the first vampire in English prose fiction.

As of 1998, serving the Assembly are President Stacie Hanes and Secretary Kathy Davis-Patterson, both of Kent State University. Historian Radu Florescu has been named an honorary president and Lloyd Worley is the honorary founding president. The Lord Ruthven Assembly may be contacted through its secretary, Kathy Davis-Patterson, at


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