manifest destiny

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manifest destiny,

belief held by many Americans in the 1840s that the United States was destined to expand across the continent, by force, as used against Native Americans, if necessary. The controversy over slavery further fueled expansionism, as the North and South each wanted the nation to admit new states that supported its section's economic, political, and slave policies. By the end of the 19th cent., this belief was used to support expansion in the Caribbean and the Pacific.
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One commentator repels charges of America the "hyper-power" and antiglobalization manifestos with a "soft-power" approach--an imperialism "of the heart" relying on the United States as the hope of humanity and moral power that is "the deepest source of America's strength from the very beginning." 9s As an emblem to the world, the manifest destiny of the twenty-first century will involve "a great battle between the [American] forces of creative destruction and [the forces] of destructive preservation." (99)
No longer geographically limited by territory under the manifest destiny of old, the aftermath of September 11 shows the immortality of this doctrine--revised to seek political and cultural conquests overseas by expanding democratic values and free markets.
A missionary on the mainland, Viola has been sheltered from the dangerous side of life for Black women and devoured by the manifest destiny of Christianity.