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1. (of the seeds of gymnosperms) not enclosed in a pericarp
2. (of flowers) lacking a perianth
3. (of stems) lacking leaves and other appendages
4. (of animals) lacking hair, feathers, scales, etc.
5. Law
a. unsupported by authority or financial or other consideration
b. lacking some essential condition to render valid; incomplete
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What does it mean when you dream about being naked?

Being naked in a dream suggests exposure of self to others, being vulnerable to how others see one, feeling ashamed of being found out. If one is naked like a baby, nakedness can also represent the desire for freedom or freedom of expression. Nakedness also suggests being unencumbered and uninhibited.

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Having received a negative acknowledgment. See NAK.
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Near Keeling Atoll, in the Indian Ocean, I observed many little masses of confervae a few inches square, consisting of long cylindrical threads of excessive thinness, so as to be barely visible to the naked eye, mingled with other rather larger bodies, finely conical at both ends.
Younus Zakour from Batna City said that although the sky was partly cloudy and the atmospheric condition was hazy, the crescent was seen by the naked eye.
The possibility of sighting the moon for the month of Eid al Adha will be very difficult on Thursday with the naked eye, but it could be possible through astronomical telescopes, the Ministry of Awqaf and Religious Affairs (MARA) has said.
Here's how to spot Jupiter with the naked eye in the UAE in June
The Islamic Calendar is Lunar based and astronomy has developed to such an extent that exact time at which new Moon occurs at the given latitude and longitude and time elapsed when it will be visible to the naked eye can be found.
Weather permitting, the phenomenon will be visible to the naked eye across the island, she said.
They can view Saturn and the moon together with the naked eye over the southwest horizon of the Qatar sky from sunset time (5.38pm) until the setting time of Saturn (11.16pm).
If seen by the naked eye, the eclipse can damage the eyesight permanently.
Some experts argue that it might be wrong to take decisions based on the moon sighting with the naked eye. Some say that even if the crescent is not visible to the naked eye, it might still exist.
Qatar residents will be able to see Saturn and moon together with the naked eye over eastern horizon of Doha sky from Saturn rise time at 10pm until before sunrise time on Saturday, said astronomy expert at QCH Dr Beshir Marzouk.
It will be their first synchronized occurrence in 36 years that can be seen with the naked eye, the Korea Meteorological Administration said.
The eye is getting 0.36 times the 100-fold increase in light intensity, so it's only getting 36 times as much light as when you look at the same object with the naked eye.