Native American Music Awards

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Native American Music Awards (Nammys)

October 4
Begun in 1998, the Native American Music Awards (nicknamed the Nammys ) honor the best musicians and composers in the Native American and aboriginal music fields. Sponsored by the Native American Music Association, the Nammys promote Native American music by bringing it to the attention of a national audience.
The Nammys honor some 30 categories of music, ranging from Artist of the Year and Best Female Artist to Flutist of the Year and Best Pow Wow Recording. Some of the categories are specific to traditional Native American music. Other categories are more general, covering Native American artists who perform rock, jazz, or New Age music. Some 200 recordings are typically evaluated for the awards. The awards show, which takes place at a casino, has been broadcast on satellite television.
The Native American Music Association also maintains the world's largest archive of Native American music, containing 7,000 recordings. It promotes the hiring and training of Native Americans in the music and performance industries and presents musical concerts throughout the United States.
Native American Music Association
511 Avenue of the Americas, # 371
New York, NY 10011
212-228-8300; fax: 646-688-6883
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Studies, and part of the NAMMY award-winning allwomen's drum group
The ecologist in me has a special fondness for the Nammy nominated Peace From The Everglades, celebrating South Florida's iconic River of Grass ; Anglo settlers drove the Miccosukee into the Saw Grass with the mosquitoes and the Dengue, the alligators, the water moccasins; during the 18th and 19th centuries hoping the harsh conditions would be the end of them.
Yellowbird continued his winning ways taking the Nammy for "Best Country Recording" at the Native American Music Awards held in New York.
Mary Louis Defender Wilson won the Nammy for Best Spoken Word Recording for My Relatives Say, while Verdell Primeaux and Johnny Mike won for Best Traditional Recording for Bless the People.