The Night Stalker

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Darren McGavin as reporter Carl Kolchak in The Night Stalker.

The Night Stalker

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The Night Stalker was a highly successful made-for-television vampire movie produced by Dan Curtis in the wake of his successful vampire-oriented soap opera, Dark Shadows. The story concerned a luckless reporter, Carl Kolchak, (Darren McGavin) who encountered a vampire named Janos Skorzeny (Barry Atwater) who was killing showgirls in Las Vegas. He tried to convince his editor and the police of the vampiric nature of the killer, but in their disbelief he was left to confront the bloodsucker by himself. The show was notable in that it received the highest rating of any made-for-television movie to that date and led to The Night Stalker television series, in which Kolchak tracked down a variety of creatures of the night including a vampire created by Skorzeny who subsequently moved to Los Angeles. Richard Matheson wrote the screenplay for the debut episode, which aired January 11, 1972 on ABC. The original novel by Jeff Rice, upon which the movie was based, was published in 1974. Kolchak has been kept alive into the new century in reprint editions of the original novels and new graphic novel adventures from Moonstone publishing. The original television movie and series are available on DVD.


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THIS is the night stalker rapist who preyed on women walking alone in attacks that spanned nearly 30 years.
The man dubbed The Night Stalker had a murderous career, shooting and raping his victims through the 1980s.
He gained the name the Night Stalker because he would strike in darkness, targeting his victims after watching them in their homes for hours before cutting their phone lines and electricity.
He also wrote episodes of Kolchak: The Night Stalker, Banacek, Wonder Woman and The Six Million Dollar Man.
POLICE are still hunting for dozens of trophies or souvenirs taken by the Night Stalker during his 17-years of sex attacks on elderly women.
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That is why he was to become known as the Night Stalker.
In his book The Atlanta Child Murders: The Night Stalker, Jack Mallard, the lead prosecutor on this case, takes the reader back to this event that plagued the nation.
Delroy Grant, 52, from Brockley, south east London, was arrested by detectives hunting a sex attacker dubbed the Night Stalker and will appear at Greenwich Magistrates' Court.
Delroy Grant was arrested by detectives hunting a sex attacker dubbed the Night Stalker and was due before Greenwich magistrates' Court.
Dubbed as the Night Stalker, Delroy Grant, 52, from Brockley (south east London), was charged with five rapes, six indecent assaults and 11 burglaries, which took place between 1992 and this year.