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Observer, The


a Sunday newspaper in Great Britain; founded in 1791. It is published in London by the Observer Limited. The Observer is a moderately liberal newspaper intended mainly for readers from the bourgeois intelligentsia. Circulation, 730,000 (1976). [18–681–1; updated]

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Music journalist Jaimie Hodgson who regularly writes for NME and The Observer Music Monthly.
She told The Observer Music Monthly that the bad feelings and dark clouds usually only last a few hours at a time.
The gals seem to have taken their inspiration from Blondie's Parallel Lines album for the front cover of The Observer Music Monthly, which sees them looking great and dressed in black and white garb.
It is unfair to compare this striking achievement with a newspaper supplement (and, of course, one that only covers popular music genres), but I couldn't help being struck by two things: the similarities of many of the subjects and issues between the two publications and the infectious exuberance of so many of the writers for the Observer Music Monthly.
Freeness is supported by decibel, Arts Council England, Bloomberg and The Observer Music Monthly.
Pete - who interviewed his idol for the Observer Music Monthly - was given special permission to leave the Clouds rehab clinic in Wiltshire, where he has spent the past month receiving treatment for drug addiction.
He has had the thumbs up from the Observer Music Monthly to Nuts and Grazia - which is as much as a cultural touchstone as anything.
Caspar Llewellyn Smith, editor of the Observer Music Monthly, agrees that the days of sweaty men in leather, stadium anthems and audiences playing air guitar are by no means over.

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