Order of the Garter

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Order of the Garter

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English Order of Chivalry founded by King Edward III. The usual story of its formation is that the king was at a royal ball, dancing with the Countess of Salisbury, when her garter fell to the floor. The king returned it to her after first placing it on his own leg, with the words, "Honi soit qui mal y pense" ("shame be to him who thinks evil of it"). The date, according to Froisant, was 1344 (although some authorities assign it to 1350). Edward went on to form the highest and most ancient order of knighthood, known as the Order of the Garter. This was formally created on April 23, 1350—St. George's Day. Margaret Murray suggested that, since it took more than a dropped garter to embarrass a woman—even a countess—in the sixteenth century, it must have been a pagan ritual garter she had been wearing. At that time England was still almost half pagan. If, as Murray suggests, it was a ritual garter, then the king made a smart move by placing it on his own leg. In effect, he was declaring himself willing to rule over the pagan population as well as the Christian one. His words, which seemed to mystify Murray, make admirable sense when one considers that there were many Christian dignitaries at the ball and that Edward was referring not to the garter but to the Old Religion itself when he made his comment.

Edward formed the Order of the Garter with twenty-four knights plus himself and the Prince of Wales. Murray points out that the number, twenty-six, is the same as found in two covens of thirteen each. Furthermore, as leader of the order, the king wears a blue velvet mantle with 168 miniature garters sprinkled over it. Together with the one on his leg, that would total 169, or thirteen times thirteen.

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London, June 14 (ANI): The Duchess of Cambridge was spotted enjoying a brief hat romance with Prince William as he took part in a parade of members of the Order of the Garter in full ceremonial clobber on Sunday.
The Order of the Garter was established by King Edward III in the 1340s, as one of the ways to establish or fortify a sense of Englishness.
He was made a member of the Order of the Garter in 1998 on a state visit to Britain.
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The Order of the Thistle, which has 16 knights, is second only in precedence to the Order of the Garter and dates back to 1697.
From the crisis over the Palatinate to the Order of the Garter to the Laudian beautification of the church, from Virginia to Little Gidding to Great Tew, from Agamemnon to Scylla and Charybdis to the Ovidian translation of epic combat into metamorphoses - the Caroline church is distinguished by its transmission, transformation, and analysis of interconnected but also hostile versions of religious heroism.
The patron saint of England since about the time of the institution of the Order of the Garter (1349).
The Order of the Garter service, attended by the monarch, senior royals and figures from national life, was cancelled to accommodate the June 19 date at short notice.
OF ENGLAND 1348: Edward III founded the Order of the Garter.
e College of St George was founded in 1348 and it is described as "a community of people who live and work together to o-er worship to God, prayers for the Sovereign and the Order of the Garter, service to society and hospitality to visitors".
The Order of the Thistle is the highest honour in Scotland and second only in precedence in the UK to the Order of the Garter.

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