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Real McCoy,

the probably originally McKay, a Scotch whisky; the term now alludes to the “first or best of its kind” or “the actual one.” [Pop. Culture: Payton, 409]
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But she has a final test to put to the stranger, the test which will reveal to her if the man in front of her is an imposter or the real McCoy.
Like his Winnipeg predecessors John Paizs and Guy Maddin, Demarbre is out to make the Real McCoy, warts and all.
It is the real McCoy and is bound to create a lot of interest,' he said.
There's an amazing documentary/movie about Andy McCoy called The Real McCoy.
The real McCoy cost thousands but we got it made at a snip of the price tag in just an hour.
A local guitarist, "discovered" by Molasses Creek's Gary Mitchell, Paley is the real McCoy, an authentic singer/songwriter whose offerings are alternatively poignant and pointed.
Happily, the songs (arranged by Greenwald's husband, David Mansfield) and their musical interpreters are the real McCoy.
The real McCoy is a "neutral playground where all the power is shared.
A team of British and Australian astronomers has predicted a moderately good show for this year and next--stronger than in 1998--but they say the real McCoy won't occur until 2001 and 2002.
The one big show-stopping moment-of-truth musical number, however, was the real McCoy.
Making the case for a "spaceport" at Prestwick in her Central Ayrshire constituency, the SNP's Philippa Whitford said: "For a debate as important as this, I felt that we should actually contact the real McCoy.

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