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(US), traveler
1. a part of a mechanism that moves in a fixed course
2. Nautical
a. a thimble fitted to slide freely on a rope, spar, or rod
b. the fixed rod on which such a thimble slides

traveler, traveler curtain

On the stage of a theater, a curtain that closes the proscenium when drawn.
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Whereas some travelers were monitored for the full 21-day period, a traveler's monitoring period could be <21 days if, for example, the traveler spent time in another jurisdiction between leaving an Ebola-affected country and arriving in NYC.
Biddy Warde of Galway, Johnny Keenan and aspects of the Traveler musical tradition, a primary teacher's perspective on Traveller education, Irish Traveller families' struggle for health care in England, and a comparison of urban aboriginal people in Canada and Travellers in Ireland.
Administration of health declarations (a questionnaire completed by the traveler to report health information, e.g., symptoms and history of exposure) to >45 million entering travelers detected 4 SARS cases.
38), you refer to a standard concept of a person speeding "in a rocket traveling slightly less than the speed of light" and say that "motion at such enormous speeds drastically slows the clock for the traveler." That reasoning, which is common, troubles me.
This enables the traveler to know beforehand which ATM's offer the best exchange rates.
If the agency accepts a passenger into the program, which requires a background check, the traveler will receive an identification card that allows quicker passage through security lines.
The most important determinant of risk is the traveler's destination.
Our goal is to give the traveler more personal service, convenience and comfort.
Ultimately the traveler has to question whether the potential for a disaster outweighs the probability for fun and relaxation To Kolber-Stuart, the answer is obvious: "Travel involves risk no matter what and where.
This information will be used to find other lanes along the county road and will enable the traveler to locate his own lane on the return trip.
The record for each traveler includes demographics, contact information, travel-related information, and the traveler's risk categorization.
During phlebotomy, a healthcare worker was splashed in the face with the traveler's blood.