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However, to give an accurate opinion, we must in our analysis determine the economic profit, if the vacation remains unchanged and two CRNA's leave.
When personal use is fewer than 15 days (or 10% of the total rental period), the vacation home will qualify primarily as a rental, permitting associated loss deductions.
The idea for the Vacation Club originally grew out of a brainstorming session when someone said, "Isn't it a shame our residents can't go on vacation sometimes.
But BV could also fall under the jurisdiction of CAS 415, since these costs are often deferred for many years, until the employee either uses the vacation time or leaves the firm.
Since that event occurred within 2 1/2 months after the end of the tax year, the vacation pay was not deferred compensation and therefore could be deducted in the year of accrual in accordance with the normal principles applicable to accrual-basis taxpayers.