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Wash, The


a bay of the North Sea, on the eastern coast of Great Britain. The Wash is 35 km long and 24 km wide at its mouth. The depth in the central part reaches 40 m. The coasts are low-lying. Tides are semidiurnal, with a range of 7.6 m. The Witham, Welland, Nene, and Ouse rivers empty into the Wash. The port of King’s Lynn is situated on the bay.

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If the search leads to nothing, I want to be able to account next for all the linen in the house, and for all the linen sent to the wash. If there is an article missing, there will be at least a presumption that it has got the paint-stain on it, and that it has been purposely made away with, yesterday or to-day, by the person owning it.
??Wash Me Fast operates 3 express conveyor car washes under the Wash Me Fast brand.??Red Dog Equity LLC invests in lower middle-market companies poised for strong growth in partnership with driven, entrepreneurial business leaders.??The Pritzker Organization is the merchant bank for the business interests of the Tom Pritzker family.
Such aircraft washing systems take two minutes to clean the aircraft and the wash water is reclaimed and reused again.
The Samsung 6.2Kg Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine features Wobble technology that washes your clothes gently without decreasing the quality of the wash. It also has a Waterfall function that makes sure that the detergent is distributed evenly.
Whether you use one of your mom's favorite at-home solutions or a store-bought stain remover, pre-treatment adds a little extra 'oomph' to the power of the wash. Equally important, however, is using the proper amount of detergent in the washing cycle to ensure that your clothes get clean without having detergent buildup left behind after the rinse.
A tunnel car wash, for the uninformed, is a facility in which the vehicle is taken through the wash on a conveyor-type belt.
The ActiveFoam System turns detergent into fine foam from the beginning of the wash cycle.
They soaked them in the wash and then measured pathogen levels in the wash water and on the produce.
"Our number-one concern in commercial operations is cross-contamination from the wash water and pathogen levels," Gurtler says.
Arshad Jabbar said, This machine has the capability to automatically calculate the amount of water, detergent and wash time required based on the quantity of the wash load you put in which ensures a hassle free operation for our consumer.
All versions provide complete and effective washing, even for racks with heavy soiling, by using sustained jetting with hot water and detergent during the wash cycle.
If the warm water wash is below 85 degrees (a common problem during winter or when the washing machine is at the opposite end of the house from the water heater), try the hot water setting instead for all or part of the wash cycle.