White Man's Burden

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White Man’s Burden

imperialist’s duty to educate the uncivilized. [Br. Hist.: Brewer’s Dictionary, 1152]
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There is no need to put the White Man's Burden on them.
Planners distinction, Easterly's critique of foreign aid efforts, at least in The White Man's Burden, does not go far enough, and his solutions suffer from some of the same problems as Sachs' program.
As he points out in The White Man's Burden, the foreign aid community's "utopian agendas" are as intellectually arrogant as they are operationally doomed.
Black Americans and the White Man's Burden, 1898-1903 (Urbana, IL, 1975).
Tony Blair and the latest bald Tory don't care about the white man's burden in Burnley or Bradford.
America's empire is not like empires of times past, built on colonies, conquest, and the white man's burden.
Institutionally, the white man's burden is still alive and well in the U.
The third is Holtrop's essay on the policies and anxieties of Idenburg, who shouldered the white man's burden stoutly during his governorship of Indonesia from 1909 to 1916.
Never far from the surface, doubt persists throughout South-East Asia over whether Australia really wants or is ready to play an independent and contemporary role in regional and international affairs; or whether it still remains deeply committed to an older order, happy to serve as the second-division local bearers of the White Man's Burden.
Their racism was evident and ubiquitous; the white man's burden was dumped on us in truckloads, part of the everyday racism in our lives.