White Mountains

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White Mountains,

part of the Appalachian system, N N.H. and SW Maine, rising to 6,288 ft (1,917 m) at Mt. Washington in the Presidential Range and to 5,249 ft (1,600 m) at Mt. Lafayette in the Franconia Mountains. Crawford Notch separates these two main groups. Formed in the latter part of the Paleozoic era, the White Mts. are remnants of a much higher mountain mass. They are composed chiefly of granite and have been extensively glaciated. Much of the mountain area, c.1,200 sq mi (3,110 sq km), is included in White Mountain National Forest. Nationally noted for their varied and beautiful scenery, the White Mts. have long been one of the most popular year-round resort areas in the country.
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Walter Harriman sold 172,000 acres of state land in the White Mountains for $26,000 "to get education revenue for schools.
Jack Byrne, chairman of the executive committee of the White Mountains Group board of directors, noted Fass' experience in a statement: "Steve is a proven, talented executive with the right combination of industry and management experience to lead White Mountains.
A member of the rose family (Rosaceae), Robbins' cinquefoil only occurs in the alpine zone of the White Mountain National Forest.
Dan's wife, Marei, says his ashes will be scattered from the top of the White Mountains and off the Maine coast.
Though the AMC has been active in the White Mountains since 1876 and played key role in pushing the Weeks Act, the legislation that created the White Mountain National Forest in the early 1900s, the Club made itself felt mainly as a recreational group.
There's nothing quite like an early hookup on the troll as the sun breaks over the White Mountains.
The New York City-based development company plans to build 100 two-to-three bedroom condominium and rental residential units that will offer panoramic views of the White Mountains.
Because the valley lies along the western side of the White Mountains, it has come to be known as the White Mountain gap in the earthquake chain.
The 'A' IFS rating assigned to WM Re Bermuda reflects a good recovery rating assumption (RR3) in notching from the White Mountains Re group IDR given the policyholder priority status in Bermuda.
The White Mountains conglomerate--officially headquartered in Bermuda but effectively run out of Hanover, N.
In the 1880's, families trekked to the White Mountains to gather fish, preserving them in salt and keeping them in barrels for the winter.
When the 20th century began, wealthy tourists came up the Crawford Notch of the White Mountains to this sylvan setting.