The grid

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(1) Any interconnected set of nodes such as the electric power network or a communications network.

(2) "The Grid" is a nickname for Internet2. See Internet2.

(3) In a vacuum tube or gas-filled electron tube, the grid is a perforated electrode through which electrons may pass. The term typically refers to the control grid in a triode, tetrode or pentode vacuum tube. In these cases, the grid is used to control the amount of current flow between the cathode and plate (anode). As the voltage potential is varied on the control grid, the amount of current allowed to pass through also varies. Relatively small fluctuations in the grid's potential can control substantially larger amounts of current flow through the tube. This phenomenon is referred to as "gain." Tetrodes and pentodes use additional grids to regulate current flow and effect gain. See screen grid and suppressor grid.
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The grid

Refers to an interconnected network for delivering electricity from suppliers to consumers.
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Sometimes these jobs are very large and require the collaboration of many components of the grid, drawing on all available resources, compute cycles, bandwidth, and storage as needed to get the job done.
A grid is said to be I-nonconforming if there is at least one hanging node in the grid, all edges contain at most one hanging node, the interior of all faces contain at most one hanging node, and the intersection of two elements is a vertex, edge or face of one of the elements, or empty.
"WebSphere software helps a Grid gather untapped computing capabilities and functionalities and make it available to users across the Grid as needed," says George Wang, director of IBM China Software Development laboratory and IBM China Research and Development Laboratory.
With today's significant contribution of integration code to the Grid Engine Project, Sun provides a Java-based capability which can help enable customers to access Internet-based applications and resources securely in grid environments powered by Sun's Grid Engine software.
Alternatively, hazardous samples may be inactivated after they are mounted on the grid by treating the grid with fixative, by subjecting stained preparations to ultraviolet irradiation (UV) for 5 rain before removing them from the biological safety cabinet, or both.
From 36 Photographs and 12 Diagrams and related experiments with thinning his piles of blocks into photographic grids then thickening them again by mounting them on solid, thicker-than-paper supports that stand away from the wall, Bochner moves (not necessarily in this order) to Escher-like experiments with scrambled grids that look like inlaid wood; to others that resemble lacy paper cutouts thickened by their size and their mounting; to images that show how the photograph warps the grid by the perspectival projection of the represented onto the literal surface and by the visible wavering of the indexically traced edges of the grid's lines toward the bottom edges of the positive/negative photographs; and finally to Surface Dis/Tension, 1968.
Sun is one of the largest providers of intellectual property to the Linux and open source communities with the Grid Engine Project as a key contribution.
We are working closely with the Grid community to help evolve Grid protocols to support commercial as well as scientific applications, encompassing Web services when appropriate."
Much of the grid is located in northern latitudes--near the magnetic North Pole--and in regions of igneous rock, which is common over large portions of North America.
Explore alternative methods of clustering patterns on the grid (location, orientation) or in the mold to produce favorable feeding temperature gradients during mold preheating and allo pouring, while ensuring adequate cluster rigidity.
The number of molds that can be held on a grid depends on the size of the grid and size and configuration of the mold.