Theagenes of Thasos

Theagenes of Thasos,

fl. 5th cent. B.C., ancient Greek athlete. He excelled in boxing and the pankration, which combined wrestling and boxing, and won 10 victories at the Isthmian Games, nine at the Nemean games, three at the Pythian games, and two at the Olympic games. He also competed in foot races.
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Heroes as mentioned sportsmen or other athlets as Chionis of Sparta, Fanas of Pellena, Lygdamis of Syrakus, Hipposthenes and Hetoimokles of Sparta, Tisandros of Naxos, Theagenes of Thasos or for example Lampis of Sparta, Filombrotos of Sparta, Ikkos of Tarent and anothers were often bearers of Greek ideals of kalokagathia, arete, ekecheiria, andreia, aristeia and a lot of sportsmen could learn of their determination, honour and inmaterial approach to life.
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(102.) This was especially true of athletes in south Italy and Sicily, but is also attested for others, including Theagenes of Thasos, Olympic victor of 480 and 476 (see Lattimore 1988, p.