Theater of Operations

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theater of operations

[′thē·ə·dər əv ‚äp·ə′rā·shənz]
Portion of a theater of war necessary for military operations, either offensive or defensive, pursuant to an assigned mission, and for the administration incident to such military operation.

Theater of Operations


that part of a continent (including coastal waters, inland seas, and air space) or an ocean (including islands, adjoining seas, coastal areas, and air space) within which military operations are conducted. It includes several strategic axes and areas (ocean zones and naval districts).

The nature and extent of a theater of operations are established by the military and political leaders of each state on the basis of the strategic aims of a general war plan and an analysis of political, economic, geographic, and military factors. The extent of a theater of operations includes the territories of the theater country and of the enemy. Continental theaters of operations during World War II (1939–45) ranged in size from 300 to 600 km along the front and from 800 to 1,000 km and more in depth. The role and significance of these areas changed with the changing conditions of the military and political situation.

Of great significance for the operations of troops or naval forces is the preparation of theaters of operations in accordance with a definite plan developed during peace time and perfected in the course of war. Among the basic elements to be considered in the preparation of a theater of operations are the development of communications, the construction of airfields, and the preparation by engineers of the areas where antiaircraft equipment, troops, rear bases and supply stations, control posts, and communications centers may be located.


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15) To win in Vietnam and Iraq was the theater of operations, theater, and national objective.
The effective use of resources at hand demands from all planners of a multinational operation to pay a special attention to the establishment of the level of resources needed for the logistic support, of the ways and methods for their re-supply, in order to provide the sustainment of troops in the theater of operations.
The booklet that was distributed at the North Africa Theater of Operations DTC contained a welcome statement in which the commandant pointed out that each prisoner had, in effect, deprived his country of two Soldiers--the prisoner himself and someone to guard him.
However, typically the MCB, through its MCT, provides ITV support to a specific mode of transportation and provides area support in a theater of operations.
However, if the Army were to deploy into a full theater of operations with multiple corps, the Standard Army Management Information Systems (STAMIS) hardware platforms could not support the workload and the emerging platforms would be overwhelmed by the communication and bandwidth requirements.
Marine Corps, other Services and our Allies in the Pacific Theater of Operations.
These soldier agents were preparing to deploy for a 179-day rotation to the Kosovo theater of operations.
Supporting operational detachments alpha (ODAs) at the Special Operations task force (SOTF) level in a theater of operations requires efficiency and speed.
The constraints led to delays in deploying and supplying troops in the theater of operations.
The theme was chosen because of the increased role both organizations have assumed in the EUCOM theater of operations since the last workshop in 2002.

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