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, 1480–1547, Italian churchman and reformer. Son of the count of Thiene, he studied civil and canon law, but abandoned work as a jurist at the papal court to become a priest.
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Munich is a small city, which makes it great for exploring Bordering the Odeonsplatz square is the Theatine Church, which has a dazzling white ornate interior, and Felderrnhalle monument, the scene of Hitler's failed coup in 1923.
Ever since its disappearance, the fate of Father Antonino Ventimiglia, the Theatine priest who established it, has remained a mystery despite centuries of speculation.
In the evening, visit the Theatine Church, one of Munich's finest churches.
Nicolai includes accounts by travelers to non-Russian regions, like Marco Polo, who went to China via the Caucasus and Central Asia in the 13th century (36-39); Francesco Balducci Pegolotti, who visited Crimea, Azov, Astrakhan, and Turkestan in the 14th century (40-44); Giorgio Interiano, who spent time among the Circassians in the 16th century (59-63); a 17th-century missionary in the Caucasus, Giovanni da Lucca (117-26); and Arcangelo Lamberti, a Theatine who lived from 1630 to 1650 in Georgia (127-36).
One of Poiger's most important models was Ferdinand Sterzinger, the learned Theatine member of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences, whose "Academic Address" of 1766 had launched the Bavarian "War over Witchcraft." This pamphlet battle consumed the energy of many for some five years and marks one of the last learned controversies over the foundations of witchcraft in Western Europe.
He also commissioned a family chapel in the Theatine church of Sant'Andrea della Valle, which was regularly attended by the Florentine colony in Rome.
Giuseppe Piazzi, a Theatine priest, first noticed Ceres on January 1, 1801.
According to Ardizone Spinola, an aristocratic Italian Theatine priest Who knew him well in the 1540s, racist attitudes were not exceptional in the Dominican community.
Still, the 46 main entry thematic essays are wonderfully varied and rich: Capuchin missionaries in Tibet 1707-1745; Norsemen in the Mediterranean; German settlers in North America; Theatine missionaries in India and Borneo; Cossacks on the Tamyr Peninsula; early voyages to Spitzbergen; and Phoenicians in the Canary Islands.
The present work illustrates the spirituality of the first two Theatine generations.
According to Niccolo Sacchetti, the duchess was taken to hear Mass at the church of the Theatine Fathers and then on to see the reliquary of St Lucy; the aywsi also place her visit to Santa Lucia on this day.(73) After dinner, the festa ~for 100 gentlewomen' was held at the palazzo at Ca' Foscari, the upper top floor [~sollero di sopra'](74) being used for dancing, the lower top floor for refreshments [~una lautissima colatione di confetture']'.(75) Sacchetti describes ~an enormous quantity of confections, pastries and candied fruits'.(76) Illus.5, also from Franco's Habiti d'huomeni et donne venetiane, shows dancing at just such a festa di gentildonne, with the ladies apparently dressed in conformity with the restrictions mentioned earlier.
When Ignatius was building his little band, Cardinal Gian Pietro Carafa wanted to join the Jesuits to the Theatine Order, which Carafa had founded.