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theater of the absurd:

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plays produced in the Western world. This article discusses the development of Western drama in general; for further information see the various national literature articles.
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In fact, another major characteristic of the Theatre of the Absurd is that in these plays "the spectator is confronted with the madness of the human condition, is enabled to see his situation in all its grimness and despair, and this, in stripping him of illusions or vaguely felt anxieties, enables him to face it consciously, rather than feel it vaguely below the surface of euphemisms and optimistic illusions" (Esslin, 303).
To conclude, as a student of the South Asian performance cultures, especially that of India and Nepal, and as someone who believes in guru-shishya parampara or teaching-learning heritage, I think that the plays discussed by Esslin and Bennett, including their works--The Theatre of the Absurd and Reassessing the Theatre of the Absurd respectively--make a "double reed flute," a critical term I borrow from Kapila Vatsyayan, a renowned Indian art and culture-critic.
First, in his now classic history, dramatist Martin Esslin (1961, 2001) identifies the Theatre of the Absurd as part of a larger intellectual movement including literature, drama and painting as well as philosophy beginning in the twenties, following on and from two devastating world wars.
Some of the pronouncements are prime material for the repertoire of the Theatre of the Absurd.
This is not to suggest that there are not some very good sections on Duras, Beckett, the theatre of the Absurd or the nouveau roman, for example.
Equipped with my view "from below," the experience of Franz Kafka and the French theatre of the absurd .
His definition of theatrical postmodernism as a reaction to theatre of the absurd would need to be reconsidered.
The Theatre of the Absurd is a term used to characterize plays that stress the illogical or irrational aspects of experience.
Among the most notable writers in the literature and theatre of the absurd are Samuel Beckett, Eugene Ionesco, and Jean Genet.
HOW the political parties and politicians acted over the elections for House president 10 days ago confirmed yet again the view that everything that happens in Cyprus politics are from a never-ending play of the theatre of the absurd.
The Theatre of the Absurd, as championed by Albert Camus, Samuel Beckett and others, is sadly ignored in our own day.
I don't think it wins him any votes from uncommitted viewers of this weekly theatre of the absurd.

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