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Incidental pregnancy luteoma associated with ectopic tubo-ovarian pregnancy: evidence in favor of origin from theca interna of an atretic follicle.
Histologically, cysts are filled with clear to blood-tinged fluid or clotted blood with a smooth lining composed of an inner layer of granulose cells and an outer layer of markedly luteinized and hypertrophic theca interna cells.
Differential steroid production between theca interna and theca externa cells: A three-cell model for follicular steroidogenesis in avian species.
The increase of LH hormone is considered as a principle factor to stimulate the theca interna to elevate production of pregnenolone compound which is converted by granulose cells to progesterone [21].
Then, the capillaries within the theca interna dilate, become hyperpermeable, and appear to be injured.
Methods: Ovarian theca interna tissues were obtained from 10 PCOS patients and 8 controls that were non-PCOS and had normal insulin sensitivity undergoing laparoscopy and/or ovarian wedge resection.
Microscopic examination reveals well-circumscribed nodules of steroid hormone-producing cells, intermediate in size between luteinized granulosa cells and luteinized theca interna cells.
The theca interna cells rest upon a thin basement membrane.
It has been suggested that hyperinsulinemia and luteinizing hormone together could induce the changes that lead to polycystic ovary morphology, such as ovarian stroma and theca interna hyperplasia, and could contribute to menstrual dysfunction in adolescent girls, she said.
Microscopic appearance shows a cyst lined by inner granulose cell layer and outer theca interna cell layer.
Moreover, nicotine has been shown to inhibit the induction of progesterone synthesis in cumulus cells by FSH and the production of other androgens by theca interna cells (14).
During follicle selection, LH acts on theca interna cells to promote conversion of cholesterol to testosterone.