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Criminal law the dishonest taking of property belonging to another person with the intention of depriving the owner permanently of its possession
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(Russian, krazha), in criminal law, the secret stealing of property. The secrecy with which the property is taken, implying that the criminal is confident that his actions are not observed by the victim or other people, distinguishes theft from grabezh (open stealing) and robbery.

In the USSR the criminal codes of the Union republics establish separate liability for theft with the intent to gain possession of state or social property and theft with the intent to gain possession of personal property (for example, the Criminal Code of the RSFSR, arts. 89 and 144). Stricter punishment is prescribed for the theft of state or social property than for the theft of personal property. Liability for the theft of state or social property on an especially large scale or for the petty theft of such property is established by special norms (for example, arts. 931 and 96 of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR).

Under the law the circumstances aggravating liability for theft are repeated theft, theft by a group of people in accordance with a prior agreement, theft using technical means (the latter only in the criminal codes of the RSFSR, Georgian SSR, and Tadzhik SSR), and theft causing significant loss to the victim (in theft of personal property). Especially aggravating circumstances are the commission of theft by a particularly dangerous recidivist or on a large scale (in theft of state or social property).

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A LONDON man is due to appear in court later this month after being charged in connection with the theft of property worth about pounds 5,000 from the home of John McCririck while he was at Cheltenham preparing to cover the 2009 New Year's Day meeting on Channel 4.
"This is not only the theft of property to the value of pounds 20,000 but the targeting of these vessels which you knew would be relatively easy to break in to.
The program provides information on policyholder and insider fraud schemes to help insurance company customer service representatives detect and prevent fraud, such as social engineering seams, forgery and the theft of property and identity.
Prosecutor Aisha Wadoodi said that the offences, all committed in the Darlington area, involved the theft of property worth "a great deal of money", some items being of considerable sentimental value to the victims.
He was returned to Arkansas on January 7 and formal charges of bigamy and theft of property were filed on Saturday.
Most modern vehicles are difficult for criminals to drive away but theft of property is much more likely.
Their respondents indicated 70 percent suffered serious attacks, other than the common viruses and worms--such as theft of property, financial fraud, data or network sabotage.
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POLICE may ask Prince William for information as part of their investigation into the alleged theft of property belonging to his mother, the late Diana, Princess of Wales, it was reported last night.
Article 20 of the Directive, which deals with the adjustment of deductions, states that adjustment is not allowed in cases of destruction, loss or theft of property duly proved or confirmed: the taxable person does not have to repay to the state the VAT deducted in respect of the purchase of the goods in question.
Theft of property valued at less than $5,000 is by far the most common crime in our society.