Thematic Maps

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Maps, Thematic


maps that show certain natural or social phenomena in relation to the basic topographic elements (the geography). There are agricultural, agroclimatic, bathymetric, botanical, climatic, demographic, economic geographic, forest, geobotanical, geochemical, geological, geomorphological, hy-drological, industrial, landscape, land use, paleogeographic, soil, synoptic, tectonic, topographic, and zoological thematic maps.

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With the acquisition of the data on supply, demand and Average Occupancy Rate (AOR), some thematic maps were generated creating the database of campus parking lots in a GIS.
Particularly fascinating are its 25 choropleth maps - which, in case like me you've temporarily forgotten, are thematic maps in which areas are shaded according to the measurement of the statistic displayed - in this case the really quite important Registration Proportion (RP).
Equipped with an ArcGIS[TM] extension, GIS users can also store and track thematic maps generated from the ESRI[TM]-based platform.
The most commonly used keywords in scientific articles about Macrobrachium during each analyzed production period are shown in the thematic maps (Fig.
The array of thematic maps employed undergirds its value as a resource for tertiary-level courses in cartography.
There are many types of thematic maps, including choropleth maps, cartograms, proportional symbol maps and dot maps, among the most used ones.
Remote sensing can play a role in the generation of landslide inventory map and thematic maps related to landslide occurrences [10].
Using high-resolution aeromagnetic survey data in combination with other geological-geophysical thematic maps, Batista takes advantage of GIS tools for identifying different tectonic regimes in the Sabinas Basin, northeastern Mexico.
resembles the historical transition from topographic to thematic maps.
We prepared thematic maps using a georeferenced mesh of Brazil's states (shapefile file available from the "Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistic" website) (20).

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