Thematic Maps

Maps, Thematic


maps that show certain natural or social phenomena in relation to the basic topographic elements (the geography). There are agricultural, agroclimatic, bathymetric, botanical, climatic, demographic, economic geographic, forest, geobotanical, geochemical, geological, geomorphological, hy-drological, industrial, landscape, land use, paleogeographic, soil, synoptic, tectonic, topographic, and zoological thematic maps.

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The technical director of GEIPI, belonging to the National Institute of Hydraulic Resources, said that as part of the research, thematic maps of importance for hydrogeological work in Cuba will be developed.
2010), studying spatial and temporal variability of weeds in a Red Latosol with clayey texture under notillage system, observed that weeds, both magnoliopsida and liliopsida, show a defined spatial distribution structure (nonrandom occurrence), allowing the use of geostatistical analysis to fit theoretical models of semivariance and construction of thematic maps.
A suitability map of geographic information system based on ICZM is indicated by sixteen thematic maps.
Apocalyptic Cartography: Thematic Maps and the End of the World in a Fifteenth-Century Manuscript
The challenges in constructing them are not Tyner's concern, but understandably so with this book not least because, as she states: 'Far more has been written about making thematic maps than reading and interpreting them' (p.
Different interpolation techniques were used to produce adequate thematic maps based on the Root Mean Square Error (RMSE) evaluation.
com)-- Golden Software, LLC, the leading developer of affordable scientific graphics software, announces the release of MapViewer 8, a mapping and spatial analysis software package for producing publication-quality thematic maps.
Its premier component is Esri's Business Analyst Online, a feature that allows users to generate color-coded maps showing customizable demographic information (such as flood data, thematic maps and news on competitive businesses) for a particular geographic area.
During the discussion, the major concerns of Retail/FMCG - business expansion planning, catchment area analysis, channel mapping , retail network planning and monitoring, demand and supply monitoring thru Thematic maps, business potential analysis and enabling better customer service were addressed.
Thematic maps produced using satellite data have advantages over traditional ground based maps due to continuous coverage and internal consistency of remotely sensed data sets.
Thematic maps were used to create the vulnerability map for the area and the results were compiled to the buffer zones around sensitive areas.
Additionally, various thematic maps, such as irrigated farming suitability, soil salinity, current land use, land degradation, vegetation are also included, he said.