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in astronomy, one of the 39 known moons, or natural satellites, of JupiterJupiter
, in astronomy, 5th planet from the sun and largest planet of the solar system. Astronomical and Physical Characteristics

Jupiter's orbit lies beyond the asteroid belt at a mean distance of 483.6 million mi (778.
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A small satellite of Jupiter, discovered in 1975 by Charles T. Cowall. See Jupiter's satellites; Table 2, backmatter.
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(Rutaceae), and Methona themisto (Hibner) (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae) on Brunfelsia uniflora (Pohl) D.
According to this identification scheme [11], 60 moons were classified into 8 different groups, including Small Inner Regulars and Rings, Galileans, Themisto group, Carpo group, Himalia group, Carme group, and Ananke group as well as Pasiphae group, in addition to 9 satellites that do not belong to any of previous groups.
Naturally high Cd concentrations occur in zooplankton, particularly the amphipod Themisto libellula, in the NOW marine food web.
Conversely, in the second book Habrocomes exclaims: 'Dearest father [...] and mother Themisto! Where is the happiness that we once thought was ours in Ephesus?' (2,8,1).
(2002), quienes establecieron que el hiperido Themisto abyssorum (Boeck 1870), presentaba una gran concentracion de marcadores de carnivoria en el estrecho de Fram, mientras que en el Oceano Artico central presentaba una gran cantidad del marcador 16:1(n-7), caracteristico de una dieta a base de diatomeas.
The test car, a 2.0-litre 140bhp TDI, came in top trim Elegance, so luxury was heightened considerably with leather upholstery, 18-inch Themisto alloy wheels, heated front seats and at least eight other "extras" over and above other models.
Amphipods (mainly Themisto pacifica and Hyperia medusarum) were consumed by 19% of the squid but composed only 5% by number and 3% by wet mass of the total prey consumed.
Other important species in the Antarctic zooplankton, such as the hyperiid amphipod crustacean Themisto gaudichaudii, grow much more in the summer and produce a generation at the same time every year.
Insect pests such as Methona themisto Hubner [Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae), reported in Vigosa, Minas Gerais State, Brazil, can reduce the productivity and aesthetics of I.
Amphipod-based food web: Themisto gaudichaudii caught in nets and by seabirds in Kerguelen waters, southern Indian Ocean.