Theodor Billroth

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Christian Albert Theodor Billroth
BirthplaceBergen auf Rügen, Kingdom of Prussia
EducationUniversity of Greifswald, University of Göttingen, University of Berlin
Known for Being the founding father of modern abdominal surgery. First successful gastrectomy for gastric cancer. Applying scientific methods to musicality
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Billroth, Theodor


Born Apr. 26, 1829, in Bergen; died Feb. 6, 1894, in Abbazia. German surgeon.

Billroth received his medical education in Greifswald, Gottingen, and Berlin. He was professor at surgical clinics in Zurich (1859) and Vienna (1867). He developed a number of new operations that were adopted in surgical practice, such as resection of the esophagus and stomach, removal of the larynx and prostate gland, and an operation for goiter (with T. Kocher). Billroth elaborated surgical statistics with indications of the long-range results of operations.


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Austrian Surgeon Theodor Billroth did the first successful gastrectomy in carcinoma stomach patient in Vienna on 29 January 1881.
The genus Streptococcus was named by Austrian surgeon Theodor Billroth, who in 1874 described "small organisms as found in either isolated or arranged in pairs, sometimes in chains" in cases of erysipelas or wound infections.
Theodor Billroth discussed the impossibility for Jews to become German nationals, alluding to the "gulf between pure German blood and pure Jewish blood" (p.
As Brahms' friend Theodor Billroth aptly expressed after listening to it: "I have often reflected on the subject of what happiness is for humanity.
Theodor Billroth performed the first successful operation for gastric cancer in Vienna Austria on January 29 1881.5Etiololgy of gastric cancer involves interaction between host factors environmental factors and H.
Oswald Panagl hingegen lenkt den Fokus seines Aufsatzes "Eduard Hanslick als Autobiograph" auf dessen schriftstellerische Fahigkeiten und stellt fest, dass die Autobiographie "Aus meinem Leben" von 1894 sowohl chronologisch erzahlte, wenn auch nicht flachendeckende Erlebnisse als auch eine abschliessende Niederschrift einen Dialogs mit Hanslicks Freund Theodor Billroth enthalt, in welchem das Wesen der Musikkritik erortert wird.
Determined not to be inferior to the others, he added the 'B' He studied Medicine in Chicago, qualified in 1879, worked at the enormous Cook County Hospital, spent two years with the great Theodor Billroth, in Vienna, and became Chief of Surgery at the Mercy Hospital , Chicago until his death at the comparatively early age of 59, from coronary thrombosis.
The 16 illustrated chapters trace milestones in GI surgery and showcase its pioneers from Theodor Billroth, considered the father of such surgery, to those who brought us laparoscopic (minimally invasive) surgery and continent ileostomy.
He retells well the notorious affair surrounding the Viennese physician Theodor Billroth, who though later fighting anti-semitism, published a book arguing that Jews were not racially fit to be doctors.
Theodor Billroth (1829-1894), who performed thousands of operations with increasingly successful results.