Theodore Simon

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Simon, Théodore:

see Binet, AlfredBinet, Alfred
, 1857–1911, French psychologist. From 1894 he was director of the psychology laboratory at the Sorbonne. He is known for his research and innovation in testing human intelligence.
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Pour commemorer les 75 ans de sa mort, le Bulletin de la Societe Alfred Binet et Theodore Simon publia en effet un nouvel extrait du journal de Madeleine, mis a disposition par Georgette et Geraldine Binet (Binet, 1986).
George Herbig and Theodore Simon (University of Hawaii) used the Hubble Space Telescope's Wide Field and Planetary Camera 2 to home in on a tiny, bright tuft of the reflection nebulosity only about 30 arcseconds from Merope.
1838-52), translations of Victor Cousin, Theodore Simon Jouffroy, and Friedrich Ernst Schleiermacher, whose philosophies formed part of the basis for the American transcendental movement.