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(also Mangup), a feudal principality in the southwestern Crimea from about the 12th to 15th centuries.

The territory of Theodoro coincided for the most part with the eparchy of the Crimean Goths and extended north and northeast to the Kacha River and south to the Black Sea coast (from present-day Balaklava to Alushta). Theodoro included the region known in the sixth to eighth centuries as Doros. The region’s capital was also called Doros until the tenth century, when it took on the name “Mangup.” The population of the principality was ethnically mixed; it included Alani, Greeks, Karaites and descendants of the Crimean Goths.

In the 14th and 15th centuries, Theodoro maintained its independence in the face of Mongol, Tatar and Genoese encroachments. To strengthen their power, the country’s rulers strove to establish close relations with Rus’ and Moldavia. Kalamita (Inkerman) became Theodoro’s port in the early 15th century. In 1475 the Turks conquered Theodoro and transformed it into a Turkish administrative district. The city of Mangup was abandoned in the late 18th century. Its remains, which date from the 6th to 15th centuries, include grottoes and the ruins of houses, basilicas, a citadel, and a palace.


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No entanto, notam-se vastas e heterogeneas atividades decorrentes do surgimento da informalidade, cuja acao governamental deve orientar-se de forma distinta para os diferentes grupos de trabalho do setor informal (Theodoro, 2000).
De forma geral, a busca por uma atividade fisica tem como um dos principais motivos a insatisfacao com o corpo ou com a imagem que possui, (Theodoro e colaboradores, 2009) sendo dessa forma a insatisfacao com a imagem corporal, um importante aspecto para a procura de programas de atividade fisica como forma de controle do peso (Millstein e colaboradores, 2008).
Foreign Affairs chief Theodoro Locsin, meanwhile, argued against deporting Zhang.
She, her husband Theodoro, 57, and four of their eight children-Crisanta, 7; Cindy, 18; Rissa, 10; and Joey, 14-had already prepared their New Year's Eve feast when the landslide buried their house at Sitio Santa Cruz.
Theodoro Tirimou says his Caucasian Shepherd, named Simba, ran out into Liverpool Road in Formby after the wind blew the latch off his garden gate.
Theodoro Tirimou says his Caucasian Shepherd, named Simba, ran out into Liverpool Road inFormby after the wind blew the latch off his garden gate.
No nivel programatico, autores como Theodoro (9) e Munanga (12) demonstram que existem fatores macroestruturais e de politicas que dificultam o acesso desta populacao.
(16) Para Humberto Theodoro Junior, ainda sob a egide do CPC/1973, na hipotese de nova pericia, nem os peritos nem os assistentes tecnicos poderiam ser os mesmos (THEODORO JR., Humberto.