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For Russian rulers thus named, use Feodor.
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Thus in Theodorus, 'god-given,' the {delta omega rho omicron nu} or 'gift' is not in itself significant.
I would have given the captain (one Theodorus Vangrult) what he pleased to ask for my voyage to Holland; but understanding I was a surgeon, he was contented to take half the usual rate, on condition that I would serve him in the way of my calling.
We had plenty of spectators when we mounted, for the hotel was full of English people bound overland to India and officers getting ready for the African campaign against the Abyssinian King Theodorus. We were not a very large party, but as we charged through the streets of the great metropolis, we made noise for five hundred, and displayed activity and created excitement in proportion.
Indeed it has.(19) Yet the way out of this impasse is not easy, for the significant reason noted earlier: Socrates says that it was only possible to pick on Protagoras' thesis in this way because his text is a defenseless orphan; without its author present, and with Theodorus declining to answer for his friend,(20) Socrates can only try to shore up the thesis on the basis of "what Protagoras would say" (165e5).
Such a musician was Carl Theodorus Pachelbel, an organist and composer and son of Johann Pachelbel, who had been a noted influence on his younger contemporary Johann Sebastian Bach.
Theodorus Van de Ven, MCIC: Polymer colloid interactions.
A penniless rake, Theodorus Witgood, connives to get money from his avaricious uncle, Pecunius Lucre, by pretending to be engaged to the wealthy Widow Medler, who is really a courtesan in disguise.
Theodorus Kaspers expresses happiness to see that the Government of Liberia and the WAPIS program signed a memorandum of understanding last year of adding Liberia to the program.
Johannes Theodorus Kedzierski speaking at the occasion said that striving for high quality of care was their Mission.
Dr Nick Brown, Salisbury District Hospital UK; Syed Faisal Mahmood, AKU; Dr Shehla Zaidi, AKU; Dr Madiha Hashmi, AKU; Mr Zia Ahmed Awan, Advocate, Supreme Court of Pakistan; Dr Seemi Jamali, JPMC; Mohammad Jibran Nasir, Lawyer and political/human rights activist, Pakistan; Mr Johannes (Hans) Theodorus Kedzierski, AKU; Dr Zafar Fatmi, AKU; Dr Christien van der Linden, Medical Centre, Netherlands; Dr Amber Mehmood, International Injury Research Unit, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, USA among others also spoke on the occasion.
Bottom from left : Mehmet Turgut, Ismail Yasar, Theodorus Boulgarides, Mehmet Kubasik und Halit Yozgat.