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d. 376, Roman general under Valentinian IValentinian I
, 321–75, Roman emperor of the West (364–75). He held high military rank under Julian and Jovian. After the death of Jovian, Valentinian was proclaimed emperor; he appointed his brother Valens coregent in the East.
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. He defeated (368–69) the Picts and Scots in Britain and the Alemanni in Gaul (369). He suppressed (372–74) a Berber uprising in N Africa, but was executed at Carthage by Valentinian's successor Gratian on unknown charges. His son became emperor as Theodosius I.
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Theodosius (346–395) Roman Emperor;

did public penance before St. Ambrose. [Rom. Hist.: EB, 18:272–273]
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Theodosius decided to take a fearless stand to combat the problems that the Catholic Church faced.
Theodosius Sphaerica: Arabic and Medieval Latin Translations.
At this point in the Culture Wars, or the War on Science, or whichever rift is restraining the success of American students, perhaps it is time to amend Theodosius Dobzhansky's maxim to "Nothing makes sense in light of evolution; nothing in creation science makes sense." In American Genesis, Jeffrey P.
Many martyrs there testified to the faith, until finally, under Theodosius, Christianity gained the supremacy.
It was announced after a meeting of His Grace Theodosius, Bishkek and Kyrgyzstani Bishop, with Mayor of Bishkek Isa Omurkulov.
The aristocrats' resistance reached a climax when the usurper Eugenius revolted against the Christian emperor Theodosius I, who in 394 defeated Eugenius at the Battle of the Frigidus and used force to implement recent legislation.
Rufinus of Aquileia provided an account of the battle at the Frigidus River between the Christian emperor Theodosius and the pagan usurper Eugenius.
The young heir to the estate, Theodosius, suffering from a long-term illness, took his prescription one morning and died painfully soon after.
Theodosius II is now at the forefront of the study of late antiquity.
Reflecting the diminished sense of providence among historians of Christianity in his day, Outler titled his September 1965 essay, "Theodosius' Horse: Reflections on the Predicament of the Church Historian." At a time of social upheaval in the United States and rising protest against American military aggression, Outler claimed that in 1965, "The notion of 'providence' has simply dropped beneath the mental horizon of modern historiography."
Bulgaria's Holy Synod removed from his post the notorious Bishop Theodosius, Abbot of the Troyan Monastery.