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d. 376, Roman general under Valentinian IValentinian I
, 321–75, Roman emperor of the West (364–75). He held high military rank under Julian and Jovian. After the death of Jovian, Valentinian was proclaimed emperor; he appointed his brother Valens coregent in the East.
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. He defeated (368–69) the Picts and Scots in Britain and the Alemanni in Gaul (369). He suppressed (372–74) a Berber uprising in N Africa, but was executed at Carthage by Valentinian's successor Gratian on unknown charges. His son became emperor as Theodosius I.

Theodosius (346–395) Roman Emperor;

did public penance before St. Ambrose. [Rom. Hist.: EB, 18:272–273]
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Theodosius was courageous to take a bold step to reach out to the people.
The latter took place on an adjacent grave slab in the churchyard at Newbold-on-Avon, where Theodosius was laid to rest.
So from Cameron's perspective, in the 390s, when Theodosius defeated Eugenius, the battle was driven by personal ambition rather than religion (Eugenius was probably a Christian).
Theodosius II is now at the forefront of the study of late antiquity.
At the second general council in Ephesus in 449, Outler reminded his readers, the Alexandrine christology promoted by Theodosius won out over the christology developed at Antioch, and favored by Rome.
Y todo ello mientras lograba exitosamente mantener en la comunidad internacional y la opinion publica la idea del conflicto como una lucha entre los valores de la democracia occidental y el fundamentalismo islamico, y no como uno, en palabras del arzobispo Theodosius de Jerusalen, "entre gente que ha perdido sus derechos y gente que se ha apropiado ilegitimamente de estos derechos".
Bulgaria's Holy Synod removed from his post the notorious Bishop Theodosius, Abbot of the Troyan Monastery.
Theodosius Sphaerica; Arabic and medieval Latin translations.
Founded in the year 386 AD during the reign of the Emperor Theodosius I (375-395), legend has it that two priests undertook the founding of the monastery on the site after having discovered a miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary in a cave on the mountain.
That same year also saw the death of the Emperor Theodosius the Great, after which the Roman Empire was divided into eastern and western halves under his sons, Arcadius in the east and the ten-year-old Honorius in the west.
Constantine and his successor Theodosius hoped that they, through a new state religion, could unify the empire to then more efficiently control its populace.
The chronology extends from the death of Roman Emperor Theodosius in 395 to the entry of Croatia in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in May 2009.