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The work consists of improving the thermal comfort of the buildings at the raymond mondon elementary school, waterproofing and insulation work on the roof terrace and the installation of a rock-fiber false ceiling and various works in the classrooms.
A well-designed school building that considers ergonomics, anthropometrics, thermal comfort, illumination, ventilation, acoustics, color and compliance with the law, contributes to improved student performance and makes a lasting impression on the community with regard to the importance of education," she added.
The objective of this study was to identify the correlation between the minimum airflow and supply air temperature that would maintain satisfactory thermal comfort in the occupied zone when introducing warm air into the room.
The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) has announced the publication of the 2017 edition of its major thermal comfort standard.
When subjected to temperature below the thermal comfort zone, the chicks destine part of the ingested energy to generate heat and with this they maintain body temperature, however, with negative reflexes on the productive indices (Yardimci, Sengor, Sahin, Bayram, & Cetingiil, 2006), mainly on feed conversion.
HVAC systems testing and check: a simplified model to predict thermal comfort conditions in moderate environments, Applied Energy 104: 117-127.
Vertical ventilation systems were shown to provide a good balance between thermal comfort and ventilation efficiency in a mini-bus as well (Boughanmi et al.
View manufactures View Dynamic Glass, a new generation of architectural glass that transitions through multiple tint states to control the sun's energy, providing an enhanced occupant experience and optimum natural light and thermal comfort.
According to the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) standards, thermal comfort is defined as, "That condition of mind which expresses satisfaction with the thermal environment.
Thermal comfort improvement with passive chilled beams can be achieved with a reduced relative air speed rather than the increased radiation cooling effect.
However, limiting heating rates may cause dissatisfaction to tenants' thermal preferences, so the impacts on thermal comfort need to be carefully analyzed.
Arco recommends a layering system as the best way to dress for optimal warmth and insulation, because it allows the wearer to add or remove pieces to maintain their own thermal comfort.