Thermal break

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thermal break

[¦thər·məl ¦brāk]
(building construction)
A component that is a poor conductor of heat and is placed in an assembly containing highly conducting materials in order to reduce or prevent the flow of heat. Also known as thermal barrier.
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Thermal break

Method of increasing the thermal performance of a material or assembly by reducing conductive heat loss. By inserting a less thermally conductive material in a material or assembly that bridges conditioned and unconditioned space, the conductive path is reduced or broken. An example is the thermal break featured in aluminum-framed windows.
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thermal break, thermal barrier

An element of low heat conductivity placed in an assembly to reduce or prevent the flow of heat between highly conductive materials; used in some metal window or curtain wall designs intended for installation in cold climates.
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Reroofing projects can be taken as an opportunity to insulate up and on top of parapets (Figure 12) or, better still, provide thermal break at the base of the parapet.
The metal faces do not wrap continuously around panel edges, thereby providing a thermal break. FIGURE 11 (RIGHT) Roof Panel Mounting Clip.
Adding a thermal break between the inside and outside of an aluminum frame is certainly a step up, but you really should avoid aluminum frames unless you're putting the windows in an unheated tool shed.
Due to its thermal insulation properties, the Schock thermal break reduces thermal energy loss in critical connective areas--such as balconies, canopies and other cantilever parts of the building--by as much as 84-91%.
Scott said the units will be super insulated with 6-inch walls plus 1-inch grid on the outside for a thermal break. The windows meet Energy Star standard and a photovolatic system on the roof will generate electricity.
"For example, Bowyer says, "a steel home would need to have external foam as a thermal break. And that product gives off significant emissions in the manufacturing process."
This insulation creates a thermal break that prevents outside heat from migrating in during the summer and keeps heat from escaping in the winter.
The authors recommend options, including the use of narrow windows, attack-resistant security glazing, and "windows with a locked or sealed sash, including a thermal break to avoid condensation, with panes no more than 23 cm x 15 cm."
Similar to the company's Cedar Breather wood roofing underlayment, the ventilating and self-draining rainscreen is a 3-D nylon matrix that installs over housewrap and under cladding, providing a continuous space for drying, channels for drainage, a thermal break, and pressure equalization.
The new thermal break tip design is accomplished from an insert extending beyond the manifold nozzle cap sealing surface in an injection mold cavity cutout, forming a material outlet space from the passage inlet with a predetermined gap, R&D explains.
The thermal break in a window cannot be inspected without disassembling the window, but this is not necessary.