thermal bridge

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cold bridge

Any type of break in a continuous thermal insulation barrier, leaving an opening that “short-circuits” the thermal insulation.
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When I read books about energy conservation, I often come across the term "thermal bridge." From the context, I assume that it is not good.
Thanks to its two-wall design, the cup can easily be grabbed, coffee keeps its heat longer since the outer layer extends the thermal bridge, and the cup can be easily held since heat does not reach the outer layer.
With newer wall systems, thermal bridges are collectors of energy, so depending on the wall and how many you have, they could have a significant effect on the amount of energy needed to heat or cool the building because energy is conducted across the thermal bridge."
It is just that the wood bump out is a thermal bridge. What is the point of continuous insulation if we run a thermal bridge through it at every punched opening?
A thermal bridge is a highly conductive material that bypasses the building's insulation layer; if not addressed during DER, the thermal bridge will significantly reduce the reduction in overall energy use expected from building envelope insulation and installation of high-performance windows.
A thermal bridge is an area localized on the building envelope where the heat flows is different (usually increased) in comparison with adjacent areas (if there is a difference in temperature between the inside and the outside).
Another weakness of VIPs is that aluminum casing with high thermal conductivity could cause a thermal bridge at the butt joints between panels.
This metal acts as a huge thermal bridge from the exterior to the interior of the building.
However, the slowdown in exports was offset by activities in Saudi Arabia where ACC PS was able to conclude business in innovative products and applications in roofing, pipe insulation, thermal bridge solutions and exterior insulation and finish systems (EIFS).