Thermal insulation

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Thermal insulation

The reduction of the flow of heat; it is measured by thermal resistance.
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thermal insulation, heat insulation

A material providing high resistance to heat flow; usually made of mineral wool, cork, asbestos, foam glass, foamed plastic, diatomaceous earth, etc.; fabricated in the form of batts, blankets, blocks, boards, granular fill, and loose fill.
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The near half-year spent in Winson Green's HMP Birmingham awaiting trial for something he did not do has cost Mr Hadley his job as a thermal insulator and is taking a terrible toll on his health, Miss Butlin claimed.
The near half-year spent in Winson Green's HMP Birmingham awaiting trial for something he did not do has cost Adam his job as a thermal insulator, and is taking a terrible toll on his health, Kerry claims.
This acts as a thermal insulator and promotes--due to excessive operating temperatures--undesired wear and damage to the piston and cylinder liner.'
Although decent progress has been made, there is still some room for improvements, especially in the case of metal frames, where it is essential to isolate the outside and inside parts of the frame with an effective thermal insulator that needs to be mechanically durable at the same time.
According to the type of use, it is said to achieve outstanding compression resistance from 200 - 700 kPa (EN826) and offers exceptionally low moisture absorption through its closed-pore system - making it an ideal thermal insulator for a wide range of commercial and domestic construction applications.
It's also a highly effective thermal insulator. Just be aware that some jurisdictions require foam to be covered with a fire-resistant sheet to meet code specifications.
As the frozen-in edge layer acts as a thermal insulator, the material in the core regions is longer at melt state.
In Middlesbrough, Hertel (UK) the global thermal insulator looks a certain climber in the table this year with a PS172.7m turnover.
A leading independent in one of the more specialized areas of manufactured concrete, Rialto, Calif.-based Eagle Roofing Products continues regional rollout of Platinum Tile, whose patented, penetrating coating acts as a thermal insulator to reduce heat transfer into and out of a structure.
It can be used as a thermal insulator. People have survived by burrowing deep into it.
While it does work well to hold a thermocouple to the board, it is a poor thermal insulator.
After casting, the working surface of high-temperature cooled turbine airfoils are coated with ceramic thermal barrier coatings to increase life and act as a thermal insulator (allowing inlet temperatures 100 to 300 Fahrenheit degrees higher).

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