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Thermal laser photocoagulation has long been used as the standard treatment for clinically significant DME.
The purpose of the contract is the supply, installation and maintenance of a very large format (vlf) thermal laser computer to plate (ctp) for vlf plates intended for an offset printing process (see article 4 of the particular clauses).
Traditionally, these CNVM were ablated with thermal laser if 1.5 clock hours of retina temporal to the optic nerve was spared [1, 5-8].
The models the IDF spokesman reported to have reached Hamas are outdated and have undoubtedly been overtaken by a new generation of rifle, which would be semi-automatic, with 1 inch caliber magazines, and an effective range of more than three kilometers.It is likely to be fitted with a thermal laser range-finder for night combat.
The original approach to managing CNVM and the one with which all current treatments are compared is thermal laser photocoagulation, best outlined in the Macular Photocoagulation Study; this study included classic, well-defined CNVMs and showed reduced rate of vision loss.
"Older modes of therapy, such as thermal laser, are now rarely used."
As a result of the thermal laser process, alloying elements are partially lost in a superficial layer, and following the removal of this layer via chemical etching, the initial alloy composition is retained.
LaserMax pioneered the application of Long Wave and Mid Wave IR Thermal Laser Markers and currently holds three related U.S.
For example, Norman Noble Inc., a Highland Heights, Ohio-based microprecision contract manufacturer, introduced an a thermal laser technology called Noble Ultralight.
Thermal laser effects on intraoral soft tissue, teeth and bone in vitro.
Noble UltraLight[TM]: This a thermal laser machining process was developed to create highly precise features in any material, such as bioabsorbable polymers and nitinol, without producing any heat affected zone.
Another directed-energy development is nonlethal thermal laser technology.