Thermodynamic Process

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thermodynamic process

[¦thər·mō·dī′nam·ik ′prä·səs]
A change of any property of an aggregation of matter and energy, accompanied by thermal effects.

Thermodynamic Process


a change in the state of a physical system because of heat transfer and performance of work.

If a thermodynamic process occurs so slowly that at every moment the system is in thermodynamic equilibrium, the process is called an equilibrium process; otherwise it is said to be a nonequilibrium process. A process that can proceed in either direction through the same sequence of intermediate states is said to be reversible; such a process must be an equilibrium process. All real thermodynamic processes are irreversible, since they occur at finite rates and with finite temperature differences between the heat source and the system and are accompanied by friction and heat losses to the surroundings.

Figure 1. Graphic representation of thermodynamic processes on a pressure-volume diagram: (1) isobar, (2) isotherm, (3) adiabat, (4) isochor; (p) pressure, (v) volume

A thermodynamic process may occur at constant pressure (isobaric process), temperature (isothermal process), or volume (iso-choric process). A process that occurs without heat exchange with the surroundings is said to be adiabatic. These four types of processes are compared in Figure 1. In a reversible adiabatic process the entropy of the system remains constant—that is, the process is isentropic. An irreversible adiabatic process is accompanied by an increase in entropy. A process in which the enthalpy, or heat content, of the system remains constant is said to be isenthalpic. A process in which the initial and final states are the same is called a cycle; such processes may be used to produce power, heat, or cold.


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This work package also examines the possibilities of using new measurement methods developed in the pure project as inputs or constraints of a thermodynamic process model so that the chemical model can continuously monitor the process conditions and predict the risk of precipitation.
knowing a system undergoing a thermodynamic process can never completely
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Scientists had long assumed that animals live longer in cold environments because of a passive thermodynamic process, reasoning that low temperatures reduce the rate of chemical reactions and thereby slow the rate of aging.
The company's ORC systems use a closed-loop thermodynamic process that converts low to moderate-temperature hot resources into efficient and reliable electric power.
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In the first place, it reduces the complexities of living systems to a monolithic thermodynamic process and conflates thermodynamic order with functional `organization' -- purposive designs for adaptation in a great variety of specific environments, including a number of different energy regimes and levels of organization.