Thermoplastic Elastomer

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thermoplastic elastomer

[¦thər·mə‚pla·stik i′las·tə·mər]
(organic chemistry)
A polymer that can be processed as a thermoplastic material but also possesses the properties of a conventional thermoset rubber. Abbreviated TPE.

Thermoplastic Elastomer


a synthetic polymer that has the properties of a rubber at ordinary temperatures but, like thermoplasts, softens at higher temperatures.

Thermoplastic elastomers have such a combination of properties because they are block copolymers. In the macromolecules of such substances, elastic units, such as polybutadiene, alternate in a specific sequence with thermoplastic units, such as polystyrene. In the processing of thermoplastic elastomers to produce rubber items—for example, footwear—the vulcanization stage is skipped; this is not the case with natural rubbers.

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In contrast to thermoplastic elastomers, thermoset rubbers are single-phase materials, without the dual hard and soft phases.
The Thermoplastic Elastomers Summit provides comprehensive coverage of a range of materials under the TPE umbrella, including TPUs, TPVs, TPOs, EPDM and styrenic block copolymers.
The most rapid annual gains will arise in the smaller medical products market, where environmental concerns involving plasticizers and potential allergies to latex are promoting greater use of thermoplastic elastomers in blood bags, stoppers and closures, and hoses and tubing.
Key statement: A method of forming a tire innerliner having a cylindrical inner rubber layer and a cylindrical film formed of a thermoplastic resin or a thermoplastic elastomer composition having a thermoplastic resin and an elastomer blended therewith.
This month, the Akron Section of the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) in conjunction with the Thermoplastic Elastomer Special Interest Group (SIG) of SPE will host a showcase of companies that produce and use thermoplastic elastomers or TPEs.
Key statement: An object of the present invention is, in a thermoplastic elastomer composition in which a modified robber is dispersed and filled in an ethylene-vinyl alcohol copolymer matrix in order to improve the low-temperature durability of the ethylene-vinyl alcohol copolymer, to reduce the extrusion load during extrusion molding thereof into a film without deteriorating the low-temperature durability.
The company is said to be an established thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) technology resource offering service, technical support and TPE materials for consumer and industrial applications.
This global custom engineered thermoplastics compounder has licensed manufacturing fights for the patented Santoprene thermoplastic vulcanizate (TPV) nylon bondable thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) product line.
From footwear to auto parts to toothbrushes, a wide range of crosslinked and thermoplastic elastomer applications are adopting new metallocene-catalyzed polyolefin elastomers (POEs).

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