Thin Forest

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Thin Forest


(also sparse forest), a forest in which the trees do not form a closed cover and are situated some distance apart. Thin forests, which are a part of the forest tundra, are found on the northern timberline in the northern hemisphere (Eurasia and North America). Several types of thin forests are distinguished: spruce (Norway and Sitka spruces), larch (Siberian and Dahurian larches), and birch (various species, distributed primarily on the Kola Peninsula and in Scandinavia).

The trees in a thin forest are short, rarely reaching a height of 6–8 m. Because of their sparseness, they only slightly influence the lower forest layers, which are similar to tundra (lichen, moss-lichen, and dwarf arctic birch). The grasses in a thin forest are poorly developed; cowberry, blueberry, bilberry, bearberry, and dwarf arctic birch are encountered.

The open, dry, thorny, and frequently low-trunked forests of Africa, South America, and Australia are also called thin forests.

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This scenic valley is surrounding by thin forest and snow bound peaks of mountains from four sides.
Experience shows that efforts to thin forests wfil be likely be half-hearted at best.
For those and other reasons, including the need to thin forests at high risk of wildfire, comparing the smokestack emissions of biofuel and fossil fuel plants is a meaningless exercise.
The inability to thin forests due to a spotted owl court injunction frustrated both community members and local Forest Service personnel.
Their frivolous lawsuits fan the fires." Kyl agrees, targeting "groups on the radical fringe" that oppose any efforts to thin forests.
The agency's 1994 Western Forest Health Initiative, which, identified salvage logging as one of the key ways to thin forests of dead, unhealthy, and "at-risk", trees, targeted about half the salvage cut to come from roadless areas, and early in his tenure, Chief Thomas made it clear that "that's where the timber is - we're going in." But because the rider leaves the Forest Service immune to almost all public appeal and environmental challenge, it has opened a wide door for abuse.
We will continue to work to thin forests near communities, and we must recognize that costs to suppress fire have increased - as has the risk to firefighters.
Vast, gentle expanses of wispy amber grass give way, as you climb, to thin forests of sticklike lodgepole pine, and log trucks are likely to barrel past you, fuming exhaust, as you descend into the town, population 12,000.
For example, Wyden worked with a small bipartisan task force to produce a much-improved compromise version of the Healthy Forests Initiative, the administration's program to thin forests throughout the West.
Conservation groups also challenged the administration's claims that appeals and lawsuits have stymied efforts to thin forests. The vast majority of thinning projects are neither appealed nor litigated, they said, pointing to results of a 2001 report from the U.S.