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(Or "cheapernet") The variant of Ethernet that uses thin coaxial cable (RG-58 or similar), as opposed to 10base5 cable.

The "10" means 10 Mbps, "base" means "baseband" as opposed to radio frequency and "2" means a maximum single cable length of 200m.


An earlier 10 Mbps Ethernet standard that used a thin coaxial cable. Network nodes were attached to the cable via T-type BNC connectors in the adapter cards. Also called "thin Ethernet," "ThinWire," "ThinNet" and "Cheapernet," 10Base2 had a distance limit of 607 feet. See 10Base5, 10Base-T, Ethernet and CSMA/CD.

10Base2 "Thin" Ethernet
10Base2 used a thin coaxial cable attached to each node using BNC T-connectors.
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Realtime visualization of large images over a thinwire.
The products include DECconcentrator 500 Copper Port cards and the DEC FDDIcontroller 700-C, which provide FDDI signaling capabilities over shielded twisted pair and ThinWire cabling.
Baseband cable may be either standard coaxial, standard ThinWire coaxial, or unshielded twisted-pair cable.