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Of course, the study does not show that thinness and obesity are all based on a person's genetics.
Boys have a slightly higher prevalence of thinness (12pc) than girls (10pc).
As for the thinness of these fibers, the method of electrospinning can produce a thin fiber of around 50nm in diameter, the meltblown method could produce fibers that are at least around 200nm in limitation.
[USA] July 29(ANI): A new study has found that the brain's response to taste stimuli is linked to high anxiety and a drive for thinness that could play a role in driving anorexia nervosa.
Experts warned irregular and unreliable sizing risked promoting an "idealisation of thinness".
s Experts say the fashion industry idealises thinness A spokesperson for Beat, the leading eating disorder charity, said: "Pressure to fit certain size clothes would never be the sole and direct reason for someone developing an eating disorder.
Unlike other bite devices, its patented technology and occlusal thinness (less than 1.5 mm) allow proprioceptive senses to initiate neuromuscular relaxation.
Both are key drivers of the condition, along with the drive for thinness, lead investigator Franziska Plessow, PhD, a neuroendocrine researcher at the hospital, said at the Endocrine Society's annual meeting.
The sample size was calculated to be 135 by using the formula, n = Z2PQ/[d.sup.2] considering prevalence of thinness (P) as 31.33%% among adolescent girls in urban slums of Dibrugarh [8] and taking 8% absolute error (d), Q=P-1 and Z=1.96 for 95% confidence interval.
However, experts from Seoul National University of Medicine, who led the study, were unable to say whether depression leads to thinness or vice versa.
They said: "The current ideal of thinness affects women more than men and causes more psychological distress in women, which can, in turn, lead to depression.
The cut-off value for thinness was the <5th percentile of NCHS-CDC standards and for overweight, it was > 85th of NCHS-CDC standards.