Third Republic

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Third Republic:

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, officially French Republic, republic (2015 est. pop. 64,457,000), 211,207 sq mi (547,026 sq km), W Europe. France is bordered by the English Channel (N), the Atlantic Ocean and the Bay of Biscay (W), Spain and Andorra (SW), the Mediterranean Sea (S; the location of the
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Third Republic


the bourgeois democratic regime in France between 1870 and 1940. The Third Republic was proclaimed on Sept. 4,1870, after the fall of the Second Empire. It was legislatively established on Jan. 30, 1875, and fundamental constitutional laws were passed from February to July 1875. A president was made head of state, and a bicameral parliament, to which the government was responsible, was given supreme legislative power. On July 10,1940, when France was defeated in World War II, absolute power was granted to Marshal Pétain, signifying the fall of the Third Republic.

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Fenby notes that the Third Republic "airbrushed from the record" episodes of revolutionary violence "such as the [Paris] Commune or the rising of 1848," because it wanted "no place in its lineage for popular rebellion against the state.
Moreover, Febless introduction hints at a wider set of implications: the link between anarchism and art in Third Republic France.
The chapters on the transition and its aftermath in the Third Republic were written at different points intime, but Phiri's early optimism that 'Zambia [had] reached a stage whereby a "political society" capable of sustaining liberal democracy [did] exist' (p.
Drawing on her many years of research into French music and musical life, taking account of the contributions of virtually every scholar currently working in the held of late-nineteenth-century musical studies, and employing a dizzying array of primary and secondary sources, the author presents a wide-ranging and insightful examination of music and musical life in the first three decades of the Third Republic, roughly 1870-1900, as seen through the lens of a fascinating and ever-shifting political, social, and cultural context.
Focusing on the anti-regulation crusades of the Third Republic in which the language of "white" slavery was used to denounce state-regulated prostitution, Camiscioli skillfully details the way in which female agency and individuality were both subtly and overtly challenged by sexual morality campaigners, even professed feminists, who argued for the return of women to domesticity from the sexual debauchery of regulated brothels.
Some believe the Taif has not been fully implemented and must be amended or redrawn, thus the need for a Third Republic.
Chaitin's The Enemy Within: Culture Wars and Political Identity in Novels of the French Third Republic takes an unusual tack in handling that fissionable political and cultural material of the iconic last decade of the nineteenth century, culminating in the Dreyfus Affair, by examining specific works of four prominent novelist/activists, Paul Bourget, Maurice Barres, Anatole France and Emile Zola.
If pro-government politicians rejected Aoun's third republic - that will require a destruction of the painfully established second with the 1989 Taif Accord - an ardent supporter was keen to show his colours.
And United's third Republic of Ireland international, Damien Duff, is still a couple of weeks away from getting back into the picture for the first time this season, while Celestine Babayaro has broken down again.
Part two of the book delves even deeper into the media of mass culture, focusing on the creation, dissemination, and reception of news briefs, crime novels, and serialized novels, primarily during the Third Republic.
The Fabric of Gender: Working-Class Culture in Third Republic France.
They stopped at the 304th's Third Republic of Korea Army Headquarters, Combined Air forces headquarters, Camp Long, Camp Humphrey's, and Camp Colbern field sites.