tholos tomb

beehive tomb, tholos tomb

beehive tomb, section
A monumental underground tomb in the form of a beehive, used in the Mycenaean period.
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The single tholos tomb was discovered when partially damaged by a bulldozer in 1989.
Dishonoring the dead: The plundering of Tholos tombs in the early Palatial Period and the case of the Tholos tomb at Mygdalia Hill (Petroto) in Achaea.
Some specific subjects include the Kamilai tholos tombs, the house tomb in northeast Crete, patterns in the burial customs of Bronze Age Crete, and mortuary variability and special differentiation in pre-palatial Crete.
The megalithic sepulchres of Montefrio provide one example, and the tholos tombs of Los Millares another.
(1995a): Studies in Iberian archaeoastronomy: (2) Orientations of the tholos tombs of Almeria.