Thomas Addison

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Thomas Addison
Known for Addison's Disease, Pernicious anemia

Addison, Thomas,

1793–1860, English physician, b. near Newcastle, grad. Univ. of Edinburgh (M.D., 1815). In 1837 he became a physician at Guy's Hospital, London, where he conducted important research on pneumonia, tuberculosis, and other diseases. He was the first to recognize (1855) the disease of the adrenal glands that later became known as Addison's diseaseAddison's disease
[for Thomas Addison], progressive disease brought about by atrophy of the outer layer, or cortex, of the adrenal gland; it is also called chronic adrenocortical insufficiency.
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, and he is equally famous for his description of pernicious anemia.
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Then Thomas Addison, an English physician, noted abnormal adrenal glands during autopsies on a number of patients who had suffered fatigue, faintness, weight loss, vomiting, and darkened skin.
He immigrated to Virginia with his father in 1630 and was indentured to a Thomas Addison, owner of a large plantation.
Dr Bright is of course known as one of the "great men of Guy's," along with Dr Thomas Hodgkin and Dr Thomas Addison. I think it fair comment that, sadly, Dr Bright's name is not as well known as the names of these other legendary figures if only, in significant part, because the eponyms honoring their contributions have fortunately remained, whereas the designation "Bright's disease" has faded from most medical texts because of the tendency of many contemporary writers to consider eponyms negatively, an opinion which I regret inasmuch as eponyms honor many greats of medicine.
During her Sunday open house, she showed several apartments at 20 Pine and 15 Broad Street to her client, Thomas Addison, a composer who owns a condo in the Parc Vendome at Columbus Circle.