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Browne, Thomas,

d. 1825, Loyalist commander in the American Revolution. A resident of Augusta, Ga., he was the victim of colonist violence in 1775, when he was tarred and feathered for ridiculing the Continental Congress. Later he organized (1778) a Loyalist troop in Florida and raided settlements in S Georgia. In 1780 he captured Augusta; in 1781 he was forced to surrender to Andrew Pickens and Henry Lee. After his exchange he was a colonel in the Queen's Rangers in South Carolina and was defeated (May, 1782) by Anthony Wayne. Browne, who was fiercely hated by the colonists, escaped and lived out his life in the British West Indies.
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It happened to be a small and very lovely edition of Sir Thomas Browne, containing the "Urn Burial," the "Hydriotaphia," and the "Garden of Cyrus," and, opening it at a passage which he knew very nearly by heart, Denham began to read and, for some time, continued to read.
At length Denham shut the book, and stood, with his back to the fireplace, occasionally making an inarticulate humming sound which seemed to refer to Sir Thomas Browne.
Two days later he was much surprised to find a thin parcel on his breakfastplate, which, on being opened, revealed the very copy of Sir Thomas Browne which he had studied so intently in Rodney's rooms.
It must have been soon after the completion of 'Omoo' that Melville began to study the writings of Sir Thomas Browne.
Waterford Patrick Daniel & Patrick Thomas Browne, Athea, Co.
3 million project came in under budget and on time, according to Principal Thomas Browne.
The work translated into English as The Rings of Saturn: An English Pilgrimage (1998) is doubly strange for the English reader because it is generated in part by reviving and recasting English genres of the seventeenth century, particularly those of natural history and anatomy, as formulated in English works by Sir Thomas Browne and Robert Burton.
Largely inspired by seventeenth-century scientist and antiquary Sir Thomas Browne, Erik Desmazieres, one of the world's finest contemporary printmakers, and Patrick Mauries (author of Cabinets of Curiosities) have teamed up to celebrate the macabre and the melancholy in this superb volume.
In the niche, the works of Osler's two favourite authors, Sir Thomas Browne and Sir Robert Burton, flank his ashes.
Ben Weaver, 19, from Wavertree, was sent to jail for 3' years for causing the death of his friend Thomas Browne, also 19.
Also there was the family of Thomas Browne, 19, from Wavertree, who died in July this year after the car he was driving collided with another vehicle on the Rocket flyover.
We know that Osler read and reread Religio Medici, written by his hero and spiritual mentor, Sir Thomas Browne, and the book was placed in his coffin.