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On the front-page of his most important work, The English-American, his Travail by Sea and Land, or, A New Survey of the West-India's (1648), Thomas Gage (ca.
The least capable member seems to be General Thomas Gage, the military commander in North America and Hutchinson's replacement in 1774.
Thomas Gage, el famoso viajero ingles del siglo XVII dejo testimonio de la riqueza del clero y como se destacaba por beber el chocolate.
What had changed was the new governor, General Thomas Gage, and the new "Murder Act'' passed by Parliament in May and sent across the ocean to Gage to enforce.
Consequently, as Eames explains, commentators from General Thomas Gage to modern historians have had difficulty explaining the grit with which the New Englanders fought at Lexington, Concord, and Bunker Hill in 1775.
Thomas Gage, supported by a squadron of the Royal Navy and five regiments of soldiers, was appointed governor and captain-general of Massachusetts, and the Massachusetts legislature was dissolved.
LGY's current division chief, Dr Thomas Gage, reviewed oodles of papers, reports, and articles, and began searching for a better way to do business, realizing that reviewing the same type of thing all the time, one can easily become stale; just as when he was programming a computer.
But British General Thomas Gage, with blessings from England, sent British troops to Boston and then committed the unpardonable act in the eyes of the colonists: attempting to disarm the populace.
Stewart Newnham and Thomas Gage, Hong Kong-based analysts at Morgan Stanley, also forecast the rupee to fall after the economy grew at its slowest pace since 2005 in the past two quarters.
It was about the American Revolutionary War, with George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Samuel Adams, and British General Thomas Gage among the characters.
Volume one in a two-part story of the American Revolution, Rise to Rebellion gives readers the events leading up to the war from the perspectives of Ben Franklin, John Adams, George Washington, and Lieutenant General Thomas Gage.
The pupils were: Nathan Harris, Patrick Pang, Josie Bevan, Nathan Roach, Kayleigh Harris, Emma Elliot, Emma John, Claire Hawkins, Steven Hankins, Thomas Gage, and Sasha Goss.