Thomas Jefferson Memorial

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Thomas Jefferson Memorial,

monument, 18 acres (7 hectares), in East Potomac Park, on the Tidal Basin, Washington, D.C.; authorized by Congress 1934, built 1938–43, dedicated 1943. The white marble building, designed by John Russell Pope, is a circular structure with a domed ceiling, surrounded by 26 columns. Inside is a 19-ft (5.8-m) statue of Jefferson by the sculptor Rudulph Evans.
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Thomas Jefferson Memorial

Address:c/o National Capital Parks - Central
900 Ohio Dr SW
Washington, DC 20024

Size: 18.4 acres.
Established: Authorized on June 26, 1934. Dedicated on April 13, 1943.
Location:In East Potomac Park next to the Tidal Basin, Washington, DC.
Facilities:Rest rooms (é), visitor center, museum/exhibit, self-guided tour/trail.
Activities:Guided tour.
Special Features:This circular, colonnaded structure in the classic style introduced in this country by Jefferson, memorializes the author of the Declaration of Independence and President from 1801 to 1809. The interior walls present inscriptions from his writings. The heroic statue was sculpted by Rudolph Evans.

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The Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation acknowledged third American president Thomas Jefferson as the `probable' father of the six children of his black slave Sally Hemings.
One of the shifts in mood this year is attributable to the fact that after years of denial, the Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation just published its conclusion that Thomas Jefferson very likely fathered not one but all six of Sally Hemings's children.
Her family's belief that Jefferson fathered the children of his mulatto slave Sally Hemings has been all but validated by a DNA study and a report by the Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation, which oversees Jefferson's Monticello home.
Right now, however, the Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation is focusing its efforts on investigating the Thomas Jefferson-Sally Hemings link.
According to an unofficial brochure: "Inscriptions at the memorial were selected by the Thomas Jefferson Memorial Commission and were taken from a wide variety of his writings on freedom, slavery, education and government." The sections of the inscriptions that deals with freedom and slavery runs as follows: "God, who gave us life, gave us liberty.
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