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All were treated with the Thomas splint and as a result, the mortality rate fell to around 16%, with only 5% dying at casualty clearing stations.
It is, of course, too simple to say that this huge drop in the death rate was due solely to the adoption of the Thomas splint.
After initial resuscitation, her leg was immobilised on a Thomas splint complemented by an adhesive skin bandage on balanced traction and she was admitted for definitive surgery.
A retrograde intramedullary pinning along with schroeder-thomas splint or modified thomas splint for support was decided as choice of treatment.
Robert Jones' organisational skills were called upon again when he was appointed consultant orthopaedic surgeon to the army during the first world war He introduced the Thomas splint on the western front, where stretcher bearers were taught how to put them on blind-folded, so that they could splint men with severe lower limb injuries lying out in no man's land even in the dark.
However use of angulated frame along with Thomas splint was found to be effective as it maintains the limb length.
A bull was treated for rupture of Achilles tendon by applying Bunnell mayer suture pattern using 1.1 mm vetafil followed by immobilization for two months using modified Thomas splint. Animal has normal weight bearing after 8 months.
Then, fetlock flexion metal frame followed by Thomas splint were applied for whole limb immobilization (Fig.
In our clinical case, immobilization was obtained using a bandage with a modified Thomas splint with no complications.
Thomas splint and plaster cast combination has given fairly good results for fractures of the radius, ulna and tibia in cattle (Adams and Fessler, 1983 and Anderson et al., 1994).
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