Thomsen, Hans Peter Jörgen Julius

Thomsen, Hans Peter Jörgen Julius


Born Feb. 16, 1826, in Copenhagen; died there Feb. 13,1909. Danish chemist. Member (1860) and president (1888) of the Danish Royal Academy of Sciences.

After his graduation from the Polytechnic Institute in Copenhagen (1846), Thomsen taught at the institute and then in a military high school. From 1866 to 1901 he was a professor at the University of Copenhagen. From 1883 to 1902 he was director of the Polytechnic Institute. His main works dealt with thermochemistry. In 1852, Thomsen began his thermochemical research on the most important chemical reactions; he published his results in monographs. In 1853 he developed an industrial method for obtaining sodium carbonate and ammonium sulfate from cryolite.


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